South African broadband speeds hit an all-time high

Akamai has released its Q1 2017 State of the Internet report, which shows that South Africa has hit a new average broadband connection speed high.

Akamai’s report is based on data gathered from the company’s Intelligent Platform and provides insight into global connectivity metrics.

In Q1 2017, South Africa recorded an average broadband speed of 6.7Mbps, an increase over the previous quarter.

South Africa also hit an average peak connection speed of 32.4Mbps in Q1 2017, a significant increase over the past three months.

While South Africa has improved its speeds, it is still behind the global average connection speed of 7.2Mbps.

South Africa is also well behind South Korea, which boasts an average connection speed of 28.6Mbps, and Singapore with an average peak connection speed of 184.5Mbps.

South Africa’s average connection speeds

The graphs below show the average connection speeds and average peak connection speeds in South Africa over the last decade.

Average connection speed

Average peak connection speed

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South African broadband speeds hit an all-time high

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