Wi-Fi speed comparison – Joburg vs Cape Town


The latest MyBroadband Speed Test App data reveals that Johannesburg enjoys the fastest Wi-Fi speeds.

The data also showed that Gauteng is the province with the highest Wi-Fi speeds, followed by the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

MyBroadband’s free Speed Test App for Android and iOS gives smartphone users the ability to test their mobile and Wi-Fi connection speeds.

The Speed Test App is ad-free and allows users to test the download speed, upload speed, and latency of their Internet connection.

The app also provides a map of where users conduct their tests, and makes it possible to record and export test results.

The Speed Test App has been installed by 20,000 South African users, who conduct tens of thousands of tests each month.

A number of these tests are conducted over Wi-Fi connections, which provides an overview of the home and work Internet speeds users have access to.

Highest Wi-Fi Speeds

The Wi-Fi speeds from the MyBroadband Speed Test App are a good indication of the broadband speeds users enjoy.

The table below provides an overview of the highest Wi-Fi speeds per city and province.

Wi-Fi Speeds per City
City Latency (ms) Download (kbps) Upload (kbps)
Johannesburg 64 17,688 12,828
Cape Town 73 13,724 8,277
Port Elizabeth 110 11,481 5,231
Pretoria 76 11,418 6,486
Bloemfontein 88 10,126 4,490
Durban 74 9,180 5,259
Wi-Fi Speeds per Province
Province Latency (ms) Download (kbps) Upload (kbps)
Gauteng 76 17,696 11,874
Western Cape 85 11,775 6,941
KwaZulu-Natal 81 8,762 5,284
Eastern Cape 118 8,264 3,629
Free State 101 8,113 3,424
North West 101 7,172 3,202
Northern Cape 111 5,322 2,775
Mpumalanga 112 4,962 2,559
Limpopo 107 4,407 2,940

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Wi-Fi speed comparison – Joburg vs Cape Town

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