10ms, 200Mbps mobile broadband bodes well for SA gamers

Telkom Mobile has recently achieved real world broadband speeds of over 210Mbps on its trial LTE network in Cape Town, with latency to a local speed test server of 10ms.

A Telkom Mobile executive explained that they used an LTE modem connecting to their LTE TDD network in a 4×4 MIMO configuration supporting dual carrier downlink to achieve these speeds.

While this is obviously a network demonstration, it bodes well for SA gamers who wish to take part in multiplayer games – mainly because of the reported 10ms latency. Network latency refers to the time it takes for a data packet to make a round trip from the user, to its destination, and back again to the user.

Traditionally, ADSL is the connection of choice for SA’s online gamers – if you are lucky enough to have (decent) ADSL service in your area – due to its generally stable low latencies (around 20ms – 40ms across South Africa).

With the proliferation of mobile broadband networks, many of SA’s Internet users find these services reach them where ADSL does not. However, latencies on 3G-based mobile broadband technology are typically too high and fluctuate too drastically (140ms  – 240ms) to be any good for a stable gameplay experience.

Telkom Mobile’s test-case results then is a positive sign for SA gamers relying on mobile connections, and previous tests conducted by MyGaming using Cell C and Vodaom LTE yielded similar results.

Telkom Mobile LTE trial

Telkom Mobile has deployed a 3GPP release 10 software version at the Cape Town International Convention Centre and the Westin Hotel as part of its trial LTE network. The trial release of software used by Telkom Mobile in its live demonstration has some elements of LTE advanced (4G).

“We will be testing various beta versions until a final version is available for release in the bigger network,” Telkom Mobile explained.

“We will deploy in the rest of the network once further testing has been completed – expected for later in 2013 or early 2014. Device availability supporting these LTE advanced features will also become available over time.”

Speaking at the LTE Africa Conference in Cape Town, Amith Maharaj, Senior Managing Executive of Telkom Mobile said that they have deployed 1000 LTE enabled base stations, 800 of which are commercially live, in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.

Telkom LTE speed test in Cape Town

Telkom LTE speed test in Cape Town

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10ms, 200Mbps mobile broadband bodes well for SA gamers

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