Telkom Internet ADSL problems fix in the works

Telkom Internet says that it has found the specific cause of slow speeds and high latency on some international internet traffic that some of its ADSL customers were experiencing.

“Investigations conducted over the past few days, in collaboration with Telkom’s third party vendors, has pin-pointed and confirmed the exact location of the fault on the International network links,” Telkom Internet said.

The Internet service provider (ISP) said that it has implemented a temporary solution to reduce the impact the fault has on its customers and network while it works towards a permanent resolution.

“Telkom Internet’s technical team continues working closely with its international vendors to permanently resolve the fault as expeditiously as possible,” the ISP reiterated.

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  • Wayne Jennings

    Hi yall.
    Do gaming is hosting a StarCraft tournament (which i’m excited for).
    But this problem has persisted since more than 2 weeks ago.
    Will i be able to play without high ping?no i wont.
    A rough idea of when this will be fixed will be great,whether its 5 days from now or 5 weeks from now.
    I don’t mind that there’s a problem i really don’t i understand,but not knowing is grating my tits.

  • Greg Roberts

    How can they have a permanent fix when they havent even got a temporary fix?

  • unemplyed

    how come the local services ( IOL ) etc are also slow if its an international problem ?

  • WillemDev

    Fix our internetz you dumb mofos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Telkom Internet ADSL problems fix in the works

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