ADSL capacity upgrade stymied by Telkom: Afrihost


Afrihost announced that Telkom will not upgrade its ADSL IPC capacity today (10 April 2014) as initially planned. This is the second upgrade delay, which Afrihost described as disappointing.

Afrihost said that it was aware of the ADSL performance problems in the “South region”, and was awaiting additional capacity to be installed to address the issue.

“Some of our clients in the affected region are reporting slow DSL speeds, increased latency and occasional packet loss during peak periods,” Afrihost said.

According to Afrihost, Telkom was supposed to increase its wholesale ADSL capacity (IPC) by 20% in March, but this did not happen.

Telkom was then supposed to perform the IPC upgrade today (10 April 2014), but the company yet again delayed the upgrade. It is now scheduled for 18 April.

Afrihost said that they have not been given any further information from Telkom regarding the delays, aside from the new provisional dates for installation.

Afrihost explained that the additional capacity will ensure that they have enough bandwidth to serve its clients.

“We expect that the additional capacity will immediately improve our clients’ overall internet experience, and also allow for less shaping on uncapped accounts (which are currently experiencing more shaping than we’d like),” Afrihost said.

Telkom was asked for comment regarding the Afrihost IPC upgrade delay, but the company did not respond by the time of publication.

Article courtesy of MyBroaband – Afrihost ADSL capacity increase delay

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ADSL capacity upgrade stymied by Telkom: Afrihost

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