Most affordable uncapped ADSL deals in South Africa

Most affordable uncapped ADSL deals in South Africa

Telkom Wholesale recently launched two additional speed offerings – 1Mbps and 8Mbps – which will form part of its existing Resell DSL product portfolio.

Telkom said that by providing more flexible bandwidth offerings, it aims to increase connectivity and create a connected, digital nation.

Following Telkom’s announcement, Afrihost and Axxess launched their 1Mbps and 8Mbps services – with some packages priced at under R100 per month.

With this in mind, we decided to look at the cheapest uncapped ADSL offerings in South Africa – including the new 1Mbps and 8Mbps services.

Please note: the products listed below are from ISPs that offer uncapped bundles – which include the ISP’s uncapped account and ADSL line access fee.

ISP Speed Price p/m
Axxess 1Mbps R249
Afrihost 1Mbps R249
MWEB 2Mbps R339
Cybersmart 2Mbps R349
Webafrica 2Mbps R349
Telkom 2Mbps R394
Axxess 2Mbps R396
Afrihost 2Mbps R397
MWEB 4Mbps R449
Axxess 4Mbps R499
Webafrica 4Mbps R549
Cybersmart 4Mbps R579
Telkom 4Mbps R585
Afrihost 4Mbps R597
Afrihost 8Mbps R697
Axxess 8Mbps R699
Cybersmart 10Mbps R779
Axxess 10Mbps R799
Afrihost 10Mbps R897
Webafrica 10Mbps R899
MWEB 10Mbps R899
Telkom 10Mbps R999
Cybersmart 20Mbps R1,158
Afrihost 20Mbps R1,297
Axxess 20Mbps R1,299
MWEB 20Mbps R1,398
Webafrica 20Mbps R1,424
Telkom 20Mbps R1,598
Cybersmart 40Mbps R1,563
Axxess 40Mbps R1,729
Afrihost 40Mbps R1,747
Webafrica 40Mbps R1,924
MWEB 40Mbps R2,298
Telkom 40Mbps R2,398
ISPs offering 1Mbps packages which included 2Mbps ADSL line fees were not included.

This article originally appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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Most affordable uncapped ADSL deals in South Africa

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