Best local ADSL deals


A new year brings with it many developments, including the proliferation of high-definition media and other data-hungry protocols.

For ADSL Internet users who want an unshaped and unthrottled experience while exploring what 2016 has to offer, a capped package is the way to go.

Below is a look at the cheapest capped ADSL packages South Africa’s top ISPs have on offer.

It must be noted that ADSL and analogue line rental charges have been excluded, and free/bonus midnight data was ignored for the sake of the comparison.

Capped ADSL prices
ISP Data Price p/m
Axxess 20GB R46
Afrihost 20GB R49
Webafrica 20GB R79
Telkom 20GB R99
Cybersmart 20GB R134
MWEB 20GB R145
Axxess 100GB R189
Afrihost 100GB R199
Webafrica 100GB R199
MWEB 100GB R199
Vox Telecom 100GB R249
Telkom 100GB R269 
Crystal Web 100GB R279
OpenWeb 100GB R329
Cybersmart 100GB R399
Axxess 200GB R379
Afrihost 200GB R399
Webafrica 200GB R399
MWEB 200GB R399
Vox Telecom 200GB R489
Telkom 200GB R525
OpenWeb 200GB R589
Webafrica 500GB R899
Afrihost 500GB R999
Vox Telecom 500GB R1,099


This article originally appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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Best local ADSL deals

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