Best ADSL service in South Africa

Best as well as Worst ADSL and VDSL ISPs in South Africa

MyBroadband’s latest broadband survey shows that Axxess, Afrihost, and Webafrica are the best Internet service providers in South Africa.

The Q2 2016 broadband survey was completed by 4,267 South African broadband subscribers – 2,732 of whom used an ADSL or fibre ISP.

To avoid duplicate entries and survey manipulation, a unique token system was used which only allowed invited users to complete the survey.

To test subscribers’ satisfaction with their ISP, they were asked one question: How likely is it that you would recommend your current ISP to a friend or colleague?

A 10-point scale was used to rate the likelihood of a user recommending their service – where 0 is not at all likely, and 10 is extremely likely.

This is known as the Net Promoter Score, and the results of this question provide a good measure of the loyalty of consumers towards their providers.

The table below provides a summary of the results of the survey.

No. people surveyed
Standard Deviation
Mean Score
Axxess 238 1.785 8.52
Afrihost 753 1.889 8.39
Webafrica 221 1.943 8.24
Crystal Web 120 2.989 8.20
Vox Telecom 264 1.868 8.12
Cybersmart 49 1.908 7.94
Internet Solutions 28 2.393 7.61
OpenWeb 31 2.880 7.19
MWEB 395 2.392 6.63
Telkom Internet 633 2.712 5.98
Totals 2,732 2.468 7.51

Best ADSL ISP speeds

The average speed on an ADSL service is an important measure of the network performance of an Internet Service Provider.

The table below shows the average speed of ADSL ISPs.

ADSL Speeds
Rank ISP Service Download Speed
1 XDSL ADSL 4.74 Mbps
2 MTN Business ADSL 4.33 Mbps
3 Vox Telecom ADSL 3.93 Mbps
4 Axxess ADSL 3.84 Mbps
5 Internet Solutions ADSL 3.8 Mbps
6 Afrihost ADSL 3.62 Mbps
7 Cybersmart ADSL 3.07 Mbps
8 MWEB ADSL 3.04 Mbps
9 Telkom ADSL 3 Mbps
10 MTN ADSL 0.37 Mbps

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Best ADSL service in South Africa

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