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ADSL vs. FTTH a price war

MyGaming recently released the latest speed test results from MyBroadband which showed that Cybersmart and MWEB offer the lowest average latency on ADSL and VDSL.

While the ranking gave a good idea of the top-performing Internet service providers (ISPs) in terms of latency, the value they offer requires a different comparison.

To see which of these ISPs offer the best value, we decided to compare their various capped offerings.

Although there are uncapped ADSL services which will serve gamers well, a capped account will arguably give you the most stable performance.

Capped accounts typically enjoy the highest priority on an ADSL service provider’s network, and the account will not be shaped or throttled based on your historical usage.

ADSL ISP MyBroadband speed test results

MyBroadband’s speed test servers make use of Ookla’s platform and are hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Through NapAfrica, all network operators present at its peering points are provided with a free 1Gbps connection to the MyBroadband speed test platform.

To ensure that only results from broadband connections are used, MyBroadband filters speed tests based on network information from the Internet service providers.

With over 40,000 broadband tests per month, the MyBroadband speed test platform is a popular destination for South Africans to gauge their Internet services.

ADSL ISP average MyBroadband speed test results
Download Speed (kbps)
Upload Speed (kbps)
Latency (ms)
Cybersmart 2,984 443 45
MWEB Business 2,904 500 49
Internet Solutions 3,863 531 51
Telkom 3,029 488 54
MWEB 3,008 455 57
Afrihost 3,650 510 58
Axxess 3,858 514 68
VDSL ISP average MyBroadband speed test results
Download Speed (kbps)
Upload Speed (kbps)
Latency (ms)
MWEB 11,499 1,120 37
Afrihost 15,436 1,506 38
Internet Solutions 15,343 1,447 38
Telkom 17,345 1,708 40
Axxess 17,390 1,967 46

Capped ADSL price comparison

The table below shows a service provider’s best value ADSL account, ranked according to the amount of data you get for the price.

It also shows the worst value accounts – typically those with the lowest caps – to give an idea of the price range.

Only accounts from ISPs with ADSL latency less than or equal to 60ms, and VDSL latency less than or equal to 40ms were included.

Internet Solutions doesn’t sell direct to consumers, so the prices of Webafrica and Crystal Web accounts were used in this comparison.

No after-hours data was considered for the purpose of this comparison, though it is interesting to note that Afrihost, Crystal Web, and Telkom offer unlimited after-hours data with their capped accounts.

Capped DSL service
Cap (GB)
Price (ZAR)
Webafrica 500GB+ 500 R899 R1.80
Afrihost 50GB 50 R99 R1.98
MWEB 150/200GB* 75/100 R149/R199 R1.99
Afrihost 75/100/150GB 75/100/150 R149/R199/R299 R1.99
Webafrica 100GB 100 R199 R1.99
Crystal Web 850GB 850 R1,699 R2.00
The R2/GB value threshold.
Crystal Web 100GB 100 R279 R2.79
Afrihost 10GB 10 R29 R2.90
Telkom SoftCap 500GB 500 R1,599 R3.20
Web Africa 20 R79 R3.95
MWEB 100GB* 50 R199 R3.98
Cybersmart 100GB 100 R399 R3.99
Cybersmart 20GB 20 R134 R6.70
Telkom SoftCap 10GB 10 R99 R9.90
* MWEB’s promotional capped accounts include “night time data” equal to the amount of anytime data allotted.

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