How soon fibre can overtake ADSL in South Africa

Most affordable uncapped ADSL deals in South Africa

We asked Laurie Fialkov of CyberSmart and Abraham van der Merwe of Frogfoot (Division of VOX responsible for Fibre development) just how long it will be before FTTH eclipses ADSL in South Africa:

“It is more popular than ADSL, the growth is limited by our ability to roll out fast enough”, said Fialkov

“There is an insatiable demand for FTTH and we only see the trend accelerating”, added Abraham

“Fibre is vastly superior to ADSL ito speed, latency, reliability, etc and as such there is a technology shift that is under way and will continue as all households in metropolitan areas have Fibre.”

“It is not unlike the shift from say analog modems to ADSL, horses to cars, fixed telephone lines to mobile phones, etc. Once a much better technology comes along with the ability to change our lifestyles, the public will adopt this new technology en masse”.

It appears this trend will only continue, as reports published in June show that Telkom’s Fibre offerings are actually cheaper than its ADSL.

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How soon fibre can overtake ADSL in South Africa

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