The number one reason South Africans visit their local PC shop

If you are reading a website like MyGaming, then chances are you are more tech-savvy than your peers.

The majority of South Africans likely don’t have a broad knowledge of IT, and they are the reason your local PC store is still running.

This provides valuable insight into the tech-related struggles of everyday South Africans and how tech-literate we really are as a nation.

Check out the biggest reasons why South African visit their local PC shop:

Matrix Warehouse:


There are typically two main reasons we have people walk through our door.

First its for people who need repairs (usually something quite simple like harddrive failure) although from time to time we do have people come in that are quite geared up and know which specific components they need.

The second biggest reason are people looking specifically for business solutions. As a result pre-built PCs featuring the Pentium dual-core processors are some of our most popular.

Incredible Connection:

Incredible Connection header

We typically deal with less technical queries.

We do have technicians on-site who can repair hard drives and offer advice on a machine, but we can typically resolve issues in retail.

As a result, things like monitors, storage solutions, and cabling are the primary reason South African’s visit our stores (when talking about PC issues specifically).



As we are primarily an online store, most of our customers are not actually walk-ins.

As a result, our stock quantities are typically quite low and we tend to primarily focus on things like graphics cards instead of something like USBs.

When customers do walk in it’s usually to look at things like cases and graphics cards (we also have a number of cool cases and setups to look at) and to quickly buy something to complete their builds.

We actually don’t like people who come in and just browse, we try and find out what they want and build a relationship as quickly as possible.

It’s primarily also returning customers who we have built a relationship who visit us in-store or people who are first-time buyers and would prefer a face-to-face transaction.

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The number one reason South Africans visit their local PC shop

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