One team dominates South African eSports – is that a good thing?

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Anyone who is remotely interested in South African eSports will hear one name come up again and again – “Bravado Gaming”.

The MGO continues to dominate both locally and internationally in everything from DoTA 2 to CounterStrike: Global Offensive, flying the South African flag high and proud.

But is this dominance always a good thing? We spoke to NaVTv’s DeWet Lombard-Bovey about Bravado’s dominance in South Africa.

Lombard-Bovey genuinely believes Bravado’s dominance is not a bad thing.

“A few years ago I might have agreed, but looking at the rest of the scene, they challenge Bravado in CS, they challenge Bravado in DoTA, and this means that teams are catching up.”

“This means Bravado has to practice more and put in more effort to stay on the top, which pushes the rest of the scene as well.”

As a result Lombard-Bovey says, the stronger your top team becomes, the better the 2-5th team will inherently become.

Local Competition

We also spoke to Bravado’s own Andreas Hadjipaschali regarding his thoughts about the MGO’s dominance in South Africa.

“The problem of achieving consistent sub-conscious performance is that we don’t have a massive pool of teams to practice against in order to build these foundations – consistently.”

“We’re sometimes playing teams who are just as good as us, sometimes against teams who are better than us and sometimes teams who are less skilled than us – we’re changing between modes all the time.”

But that’s not good enough, reasons Hadjipaschali – “many may ask, but what if you play 3 or 4 teams locally who are better than you?”

“Will that not build consistency without you guys even knowing that its happening?”

The truth is that the name of the game changes in this scenario, as it shifts to playing a team (who is better than you, locally) and trying to beat them on other principles such as knowing their players, knowing their strategy, etc.”

“The truth is, this will always be relevant to that team you’re playing and not the ‘whole picture’ – we need to make sure we can continuously play different, better teams with a huge variety of player and strategic dynamics in order to achieve that ‘sub-conscious’ element of playing at one specific performing level, all the time.”

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One team dominates South African eSports – is that a good thing?

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