The game that’s been in Early Access for over eight years

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We love the idea behind Early Access.

It gives developers the opportunity to fund actively fund titles in development that would otherwise never see the light of day while giving gamers something to sink their teeth into.

Unfortunately Steam’s Early Access service is also more than a little broken, with games releasing in an unfinished states or just not at all.

Overgrowth is a prime example, and we’re still not sure it will ever see an official release.

Developers Wolffire games have officially been working on the rabbit martial arts simulator since its announcement on 17 September 2008.

Since then, the game has seen a number of engine and gameplay changes, available as “alpha” updates for those who have pre-ordered the game.

That’s over 4 years before Steam’s Early Access even came into existence, making it by far the oldest crowdfunded game on the service.

Given the game’s small team and long-running development, Overgrowth has developed somewhat of a cult following as the title constantly updates in line with modern gaming standards.

There is currently still no official release date.

Check out the latest update trailer below:

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  • Joe Black

    I’m tired of early access. Beta access used to be a thing and it worked to get games tested well by avid enthusiasts. Uncontrolled early access by and large just puts a lot of junk out there. And it’s making publishers lazy and greedy.

    Corporate gaming is concerned with profits way above everything else. If they make their profits before releasing then there will simply be very little motivation for them to even try to get a product to completion. And at the same time publishers are being emboldened to release unfinished games, since games being broken piles of steaming dog doo has become the new normal.

  • Edward

    Like DayZ standalone… Invested in it and what a disappointment so far.

  • Vorastra

    I still remember this back when I tried it in 2010/11. The game had a fantastic fighting system, it was dynamic and visceral. But even back then with them putting all their work into this, you couldn’t help but think what the actual game was going to be.

    Seems they still don’t really have a clue what the game is going to be. Back in the day they said that they wanted to make an RPG-like game with a story and had started putting out information and some level design and now it’s just….an arena fighter?

    Disappointing. They should lease out their fighting and animation system to other companies. I’d love to see it a standard for melee combat.

  • Wurnman

    Half Life 3…

  • BrendanMcCT

    This is like Goat simulator but with rabbits???

  • Reality_Bites

    Yip big money to be made out of the eternal “beta” that hang around for years, always asking for money, and never reaching an end.

The game that’s been in Early Access for over eight years

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