Here is why some Takealot deliveries are running late


Some in the MyGaming offices were left disappointed yesterday when it became clear that the copy of Final Fantasy XV ordered from Takealot would not be delivered in time.

This happens with every online retailer from time to time, however a number of readers also pointed out that their deliveries of the game where also running late.

The issue appears to not only be limited to Final Fantasy XV, with other Takealot deliveries also taking longer than usual to arrive.

In communications with customers whose orders have been delayed, Takealot explained that the large number of orders during its Blue Dot sale, which ran from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, has caused a knock-on effect.

“Despite our best efforts to plan for increased orders over our Blue Dot Sale weekend, interest in the sale far exceeded our expectations, resulting in a backlog of orders which we are processing as quickly as possible,” Takealot said to people who pre-order Final Fantasy XV.

The screenshots below show a few recent complaints about delayed orders, along with Takealot’s response to complaints on Twitter.

Takealot order delay complaints



Takealot reponds

We reached out to Takealot for official comment:

“Any late deliveries are exceptional and not necessarily resulting from the high order volumes experienced over the weekend,” Takealot said.

“We’re still meeting the estimated delivery dates as communicated to our customers and any reported delays that reach us are being addressed as quickly as possible directly with our customers by our dedicated customer service team”.

Takealot also commented specifically on the delayed Final Fantasy XV release:

Takealot expected a higher than usual volume of orders over Black Friday weekend. We planned for this by extending delivery date estimates by one day to allow for the increased volumes.

Regrettably, the advertised release date of our Final Fantasy XV pre-order was not picked up as an exception to this, which resulted in us dispatching the game behind schedule.

The minute we saw that we weren’t going to meet the expected delivery date we reached out to all affected customers to apologise and inform them of the delay.

Usually we prioritise the delivery of all pre-orders in line with the advertised release date, which we failed to do on this occasion.

This oversight has been addressed internally, making sure that all our future pre-orders will be dispatched on the release date as we know how important this is to our customers.

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  • VirtualForce

    I was lucky, got all my packages on Monday and a late bit of shopping I got on Tuesday.

    The poor delivery oom said he was flooded with work, it wouldnt even fit in his vehicle. He had to go back to fill up again.

    Another thing, he came back 3 times to our company, so whoever sorted the parcels might need some help.

  • Anon.

    My Black Friday purchases were delivered on Monday morning.

  • aknit

    No point in pre-ordering if that’s the service you’re going to get, as it is the game was already so held up.


  • MalicE_ZA

    Oh how the mighty has fallen

  • Skyylark

    We’ve had the exact same thing happen consistently. =/

  • We can’t expect them to keep up with the orders when the banks almost crashed during purchases alone

  • Art

    I remember Kalahari delivered pre orders a day before release sometimes

  • nickVader

    Fail to plan, plan to fail. Pre-orders should really have been prioritized. Better luck next year.

  • DrKiller

    I remember pre-ordering a game on Kalahari where the release date was on Friday and I only received it on the Monday. The guy didn’t want to phone me.

  • Silver King

    So happy I went digital with FF15. Game is amassing.

  • Art

    These days you might get the game a week later with takealot

  • DrKiller

    Gaming is at this state where you don’t really pre-order anything

  • Ash

    What horse sh!t… my game was still sent late from these clowns after I had left the office . There prices seem to be getting higher and service getting worst. Order was cancelled.

  • Art

    It’s partially true and there are some few games still worth pre ordering such as civ 6

  • What is it ammasing?

  • People have no patience. It’s like complaining about a retail store because the entire town is there.

  • wikus herbst

    The moment they switch to 3rd party courier like Skynet the problems start.

  • Cosmic Bob

    In my view, pre-ordering only enables these big companies to make their profits before they have actually produced their products, and then they can often get away with releasing less the promised quality resulting in disappointment and frustration. I have been burned far too often by over-zealous companies making amazing promises and then under delivering when they already have my money and it is often too late to get a refund.

    What exactly is the benefit in pre-ordering these days anyway? If you think about it, you don’t really even get that much. Sure, you might get access to the game a bit early, or some extra toys in the game, but do these things really add up to a valuable experience in the grand scheme? I doubt it.

    I think anyone who pre-orders is a part of the problem today and should really just stop encouraging mediocrity in the gaming world.

    Patience is indeed a virtue and definitely pays off most of the time.

  • Leenesh Singh

    I ordered on Black Friday and again on Saturday. I had my stuff delivered on Sunday. Was really impressed with their service.

  • GeeManZA

    Kak planning from their side. If you KNOW you’re going to have a surge in sales, you make provision. Try again in 2017.

  • LJ021

    I remember ordering from Kalahari and being disappointed every time. Sending me an Xbox with a broken power supply comes to mind. Trying to get that replaced was a pain. They ended up damaging the console and ‘losing’ one of the bundled games I had to return with it. Eventually after 2 weeks I contacted Microsoft support and next day they delivered a brand new Xbox with the fresh copies of the games. Never bothered with them again after that. A lot of Takealot’s problems have started popping up since acquiring Kalahari. Coincidence? I think not…

  • Art

    Your points are true but it’s the nature of the business model and the final choice is made by the consumer. Pre-orders have existed for a while and are here to stay whether you support it or not.
    I’m sure you would use common sense and not pre-order titles from develops without any reputation, example No Man’s Sky.

    Would you consider dishonored 2 pre-order incentive offer of the original dishonored irrelevant if you didn’t own the game?

    Biggest issue is the recent push by publishers to ban pre-release reviews of the titles.

    From my personal experience I’ve never made a purchase which I regretted by only sticking to pre-release reviews, tried and tested developers.

    Patience is a virtue, unfortunately you will have to wait for quite some time for that 5 cent sale.

  • Art

    That’s a common issue with online retailers and many send you directly to the manufacturer after certain period.

  • WhiteRock

    I can understand people being upset with getting a pre-order late or getting a delivery a week late, but having your order a day late is a first world problem, expecially if you opted for free delivery; Their delivery is still a multiple better than OneDayOnly….

  • Willem Van Wyk

    There is an idiot with a pacman image that can’t give a company some slack, but let me say:

    Takealot has by far the best deliveries and support out of all the e-commerce stores in say. They noticed they made a mistake (which happens from time to time), respond their clients immediately and took it up internally to avoid it in future.

    That is all you can ask for, we should never expect anyone or company to be perfect, but we should know the true judge of an entity isn’t how it handles it success, but its failures.

    They handled it like pro’s!

  • TM

    Major fail

  • Cosmic Bob

    I hear you, but I feel must address your last point. I wasn’t referring to waiting for a sale. I’m quite happy to shell out full price for a game I know I will get value out of. All I am saying that I would rather wait until the title is fully released and it has gone through all the gauntlets of the review processes.

    It’s a simple matter of paying for the complete and as advertised product, when that product can actually be delivered.

    Most of the pre-orders I see don’t even give you that much. It’s either some limited edition gun with some silly graphics on it, or you get to preload the game, or get the game a week early. All that, to me, is worth nothing if the game ends up being a piece of garbage.

    Pre-orders are just a marketing gimmick to entice consumers hand over their cash before before the game is even ready to hit the shelves. Too often this results in a rushed and poor release, and I’m not just referring to certain indie companies over reaching their grasp here. Most of the AAA companies are guilty of this too. The only one that I can say has actually consistently delivered on their flagship title is Rockstar.

    My whole point here is that the entire gaming industry seems to have lost (or is swiftly losing) it’s integrity and as a somewhat pessimist, I can only see it getting worse as peoples’ need for instant gratification increases.

    But, as the saying goes, “willing buyer, willing seller”, so at the end of the day, we will only have ourselves to blame when we feel like we have wasted our hard earned money on game developed by people who haven’t worked hard to earn that money…

  • Dick Durham

    I ordered a R16k camera lens from takealot at 9:20am today for collection in Cape Town. By 17:00 they still hadn’t processed the order, and I was told by their customer service desk that they have massive backlogs even for collections, and that the best thing to do was to go to the warehouse and shout at them until they handed it over. I cancelled the order instead. I can’t work with idiots..

  • Dick Durham

    They clearly didn’t learn a damn thing, as the system is still an abortion today. I’ve just had 8 hours of takealot lies and inefficiency.

  • Willem Van Wyk

    Do you think everything is fixed it over the fucking weekend? Do you know what it is like trying to deliver +- 1 000 000 delivery in less than 3 weeks?

    Stop being an entitled dick

  • Dick Durham

    Actually I don’t care. They advertise collection same day. That is their business model. Make it work. Then they lied. For 7 hours. This wasn’t a delivery. If they are having a problem they need to say so, and establish different expectations. I’d suggest you go for anger management lessons. Probably best to schedule them for after school though..

  • Willem Van Wyk

    I don’t care, continue to rant, looks like you care…

  • Dick Durham

    Yes I care. I care about being stuffed around, lied to and losing money.
    I don’t care about their excuses and poor planning. That’s not my problem but they made it mine.

  • Willem Van Wyk

    Your life must be so hard

  • Thulas Vilane

    This is not ayoba that takealot open this account for her employees to comment as if things are going ok. The reality is that this company is now letting us down and it seems as if non-existence. No phone contact no email contact, gimmicky web pages that lead you to nothing.

    This very bad of an online company like this. Kalahari was far better then this.

Here is why some Takealot deliveries are running late

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