Massive growth for the gaming PC market


Global demand for gaming PCs is expected to continue its booming growth, according to Dell.

Speaking to DigiTimes, Dell senior vice president Raymond Wah said the company expects the global market for gaming PCs to grow over the next five years.

This stands in stark contrast with the overall desktop PC market, which research shows is continuing to decline.

Virtual reality and eSports are major factors behind the increasing demand for gaming PCs, with eSports becoming a massive global phenomenon, said Wah.

He said the popularity of competitive gaming is a global trend and the number of eSports fans will increase to 145 million this year.

In addition to launching new Alienware gaming PCs and laptops, Dell has launched new devices under its Inspiron and Firelord brands.

This article first appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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  • tjitah

    I think the different Windows versions also have a lot to do with that. Very few gamers bought computers (especially laptops) with Windows 8 installed. Windows 10 seems to be more gamer-friendly, especially since the latest Creators Update, which has a “gaming mode”. The same thing happened with Windows XP, which was immensely popular with gamers, followed by the disastrous Vista. In fact, I recall articles stating that Windows Vista almost destroyed the PC gaming market. Fortunately Windows 7 came along an everyone bought computers again. I wish someone can do a correlation chart with Gaming PC sales (and laptops particularly) vs Windows versions.

Massive growth for the gaming PC market

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