Takealot struggles to cope with Black Friday traffic


Takealot was suffering from slow load times and unresponsive pages minutes into Black Friday 2017.

Takealot launched its Black Friday 2017 Blue Dot Sale just after midnight on the morning of 24 November.

The company said on Twitter that it was working to stabilise the site and restore full access “ASAP”.

MyBroadband was unable to access deals on the site or search for products at the time of writing.

Takealot downtime update at 08:00

Takealot said it has temporarily taken down the website and apps due to the failure of a fundamental service within its platform, which has caused site-wide problems.

“We seem to have found the problem and are now busy working through a backlog of orders. We hope to be back online as soon as the site has been stabilized,” Takealot said.

“We apologise for disappointing any customers who are busy shopping this Black Friday, and we’ll be back up and running as soon as possible.”

“Customers can rest assured that thousands of Blue Dot Sale deals are still available and the sale only closes at midnight on Tuesday 28 November. Please see our social channels for regular updates.”


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Takealot struggles to cope with Black Friday traffic

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