MIT develops new way to fight Spectre and Meltdown attacks

Rage 2018

MIT has found a new way to protect processors against Spectre and Meltdown-related attacks.

While Intel has released patches for these vulnerabilities, they can have an adverse effect on performance across a variety of applications.

MIT’s approach to defending against these attacks is named Dynamically Allocated Way Guard (DAWG), which splits the processor’s onboard cache into multiple buckets with size that can vary over time.

DAWG reportedly offers comparable performance to Intel’s Cache Allocation Technology, while offering increased security against various attacks.

Researchers said that DAWG requires minimal modifications to modern operating systems.

The team is working to improve DAWG so that it can stop all currently known speculative-execution attacks, and said they hope Intel will be interested in adopting the idea to minimise the chance of future breaches.

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MIT develops new way to fight Spectre and Meltdown attacks

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