$1.6 million worth of CS:GO skins stolen by hackers

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Major Championship

Hackers have reportedly stolen $1.6 million worth of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from the trading site CSMoney.

CS:GO is well known to boast one of the largest and most lucrative skin trading markets on Steam and is supported by Valve – thus, this theft is cause for concern.

Among the skins traded are some whose value can exceed $20,000.

Given these values, the presence of hackers should come as no surprise, and currently, over 30 known accounts are linked to hackers, with many more yet to be found.

As reported by a CS:GO skin collector called Arrow on Twitter, this is the largest website hack they’ve ever seen.

The hack is currently being investigated, and the CSMoney site has announced it’ll be temporarily unavailable as the developers fix the issue and restore the site to normal.

It will be interesting to see what actions Valve will take in the face of this massive hack.

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$1.6 million worth of CS:GO skins stolen by hackers

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