Bioshock 2 gets firm release date

Originally due out in early November 2009, publisher 2K Games announced a few months ago that the much anticipated Bioshock 2 would only be released in 2010. The delay has widely been believed to be due to strong competition, most notably from Modern Warfare 2, during the holiday period.

It makes sense that the publisher is looking to release the game at a time when it will have more room to sell, as opposed to being released just a few days before the year’s most anticipated FPS – Modern Warfare 2.

2K announced earlier this month that the game would not be released before February.

In a recent announcement 2K has actually given the game a firm release date. Bioshock will be releasing on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC around the world on February 9 2010.

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Bioshock 2 gets firm release date