Blow R270,000 on arcade flat, get dumped by fiancée

Arcade Flat

Chris Kooluris loves video games, so much in fact, that he spent around R270,000 to turn his New York apartment into a fully fledged arcade. Sounds awesome right?

Well, his fiancée did not think so, and dumped him after the game-themed flat became too much for her to bear.

Kooluris, a 37-year-old senior vice president at a global public relations firm, was meant to sell his apartment after he moved in with his fiancée, but after it sat on the market for a while he decided to move back as he was feeling “claustrophobic ” living among all her “stuff”.

After moving back into his flat, Kooluris began reading a sci-fi novel about 1980’s video game culture, titled “Ready Player One”.

“The book just blew me away. It awakened something in me and I started thinking that I can’t believe I’m not surrounded by all these things that I grew up loving,” he said. So began his mission to turn his place of living into a place of playing.

Chris Kooluris's Arcade Flat

Chris Kooluris’s Arcade Flat

A few Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Tron machines, combined with Ninja Turtle bedding and Transformers figurines, and Kooluris’s arcade was complete. He even installed a High Score board to keep track of who’s hot or not when his friends come over.

Unfortunately, his fiancée could not handle Kooluris’s new found passion, and left him.

“If you are going through relationship issues, you need to invest time in the relationship and work on it. Do not work on your arcade more than your relationship. Now that my fiancée and I are no longer together, it’s hard to enjoy the room as much as I want to. I always end up thinking about her,” he said.

Poor fellow. Although he does not sound too sad in this video interview, below.

Source: NY Daily News

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Blow R270,000 on arcade flat, get dumped by fiancée

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