Evolve is here – should you buy it?

Evolve, due to arrive for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on 10 February 2015, has been played and reviewed by the international gaming press.

Before we get into what they had to say about the game, Turtle Rock Studios has announced that Evolve will require a 3GB day-one patch which will introduce new skins, game loading optimizations, and more.

For those of you unfamiliar with the title, Evolve is a 4v1 multiplayer which sees a quartet of hunters trying to take down a rather large player-controlled monster.

Playing from the FPS perspective, you and your team must coordinate your efforts to take the beast down, or you can go it alone and play as the monster.

The questions is: should you buy the game?

Early reviews

As the game has a large online multiplayer component, many publications decided against scoring Evolve until the game has gone live.

Others scored it anyway.

Gamespot – 8/10 (PC)

As with Turtle Rock’s Left 4 Dead, Evolve is best when you play with buddies; getting matched with a novice can lead to ghastly results if your newfound friend constantly seeks out the nonexistent “I” in “team.”

It doesn’t take long to whip a newcomer into shape, at least, meaning you can usually focus on Evolve’s unique brand of greatness: the suspense of the hunt, the exhilaration of battle, and the drive to dominate Shear. Even Sasquatch would shiver at the dangers.

Polygon – 8/10 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Evolve occasionally brushes against a real breakthrough for Turtle Rock, with its distinctive take on a different kind of multiplayer shooter. New territory always presents new problems, and Evolve doesn’t always solve them.

But it distinguishes itself from the pack of multiplayer options out there with the flair of something truly different.

Kotaku – Impressions

What interests me most in Evolve is the evolution of the team itself, of players acting out their roles and learning to work together as a team.

Because as soon as you lose sight of your goals, and as soon as you abandon a fellow hunter, that’s when you lose control and you lose the fight. And that’s the end of the relationship.

Eurogamer – Score Withheld

Left 4 Dead’s replayability was obvious even during the first run through of every level – the way it toyed with players and how its systems crafted drama with alarming regularity.

Evolve maintains some of these qualities – especially when you’re surprised by marauding wildlife – but its best ideas are already repeating themselves.


Evolve at rAge 2014

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Evolve is here – should you buy it?

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