This is how much money successful games from South Africa have made

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A number of South African game developers have seen significant success in the past few years.

Games like Broforce, Desktop Dungeons, Stasis, and Viscera Cleanup Detail have garnered a lot of international exposure, and received solid reviews from critics and players.

They have also earned their developers a chunk of change, with the developers of Broforce and Desktop Dungeons confirming to MyGaming that their games have made millions of rand to date.

Danny Day, the founder of QCF Design, which developed and released Desktop Dungeons, said that their game has earned about R9 million since it launched in 2013.

Free Lives director Evan Greenwood said that Broforce has made them about $3 million (USD) so far.

The income from their games has made it possible for them to focus on supporting their games, and develop future projects without worrying about running out of money in the foreseeable future.

On the other end of the scale is the recently released System Crash from Rogue Moon Studios, which earned about R3,000 between its launch on 12 March 2016 and the end of April.

Studio founder Gareth Fouche said it is early days yet. The game was only available to buy through a Humble store widget on its website, but has since been Greenlit on Steam.

“Most people don’t know about the game, and many PC gamers will wait for the Steam launch before actually purchasing,” Fouche said.

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This is how much money successful games from South Africa have made

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