Massive growth for MyGaming

MyGaming - Jamie McKane, Jan Vermeulen, Ryan Brothwell

In April MyGaming received a new editorial team, with Jan Vermeulen serving as editor, and new team members Jamie McKane and Ryan Brothwell joining him as journalists.

Their impact was immediately felt, and through great content MyGaming increased its readership by 87% last month.

According to the latest Effective Measure statistics, MyGaming attracted 74,000 unique South African browsers in April.

“Like a game of Super Mario Bros., we have just hit a Super Mushroom and are well on the way to our first Fire Flower,” Vermeulen said. “From there, who knows what power ups we’ll find!”

Brothwell translated: “Vermeulen is confident that this growth is set to continue,” he said.

“Exactly!” said Vermeulen. “We’re already practicing to set a new high score.”

This time, McKane translated: “The editorial team is already working towards reaching a monthly readership of 100,000 in the near future.”

“I knew I hired you lot for a reason,” Vermeulen said.

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Massive growth for MyGaming

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