A big welcome to MyGaming’s partners

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Last month MyGaming received a new editorial team, with Jan Vermeulen serving as editor, and new journalists Jamie McKane and Ryan Brothwell joining him as journalists.

This new team brought you lots of fresh content, and their impact was immediately felt – MyGaming increased its readership by 87% last month.

The demographics of MyGaming’s readers are no surprise – males between the ages of 20 and 44, with lots of disposable income.

Put in a less sophisticated way, our readers are irresponsible males with lots of money, who blow their dough to upgrade their gaming rigs, buy the latest games, and stock up on cool gadgets.

Let’s face it, we are sitting ducks for any company promising us a slight gaming PC speed increase, or a broadband connection with a few milliseconds lower latency.

MyGaming’s new partners

To continue to grow MyGaming, and make it the best gaming website South Africa has ever seen, we have partnered with the best tech companies in the country.

These companies make it possible for us to bring you everything on MyGaming for free – great content, weekly competitions, and branded gear.

Give it up for the great companies who partnered with MyGaming.

ASUS (website here)


Cybersmart (website here)

Cybersmart logo on wall

Damelin (website here)


Gigabyte (website here)


MSI (website here)


MWEB (website here)


Pinnacle (website here)

Pinnacle Africa

Showmax (website here)

ShowMax logo

Uniterm Direct (website here)

Uniterm Direct

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A big welcome to MyGaming’s partners

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