Which South African company will Anonymous hack next?

Expect more cyber attacks on South African companies as the Anonymous movement gains more and more traction in the country.

This is according to an email correspondence between the Hacktivist group Anonymous Africa and Fin24, who says it has “it has inspired others to launch cyber attacks for political purposes in South Africa and across the region”.

“There will be a lot more attacks coming and not from us, we have started traction, just like we were inspired by the work of The Jester, hopefully others will follow our example,” said Anonymous Africa in an email to Fin24.

“As long as the rule of law is not complied to from the top, don’t expect those at the bottom to comply,” Anonymous Africa said.

They aren’t the only group working in the country however, as a separate group of Anonymous hackers using the #OpAfrica flag leaked data belonging to South African arms supplier Armscor.

Who do you think will be next in the line of fire? Let us know in the comments below and in our forums.

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Which South African company will Anonymous hack next?

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