Would you spend R53,000 on this 14 year old YouTube gamer’s autobiography?

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Amazon’s self-published stories make for a good laugh – but few venture past the digital world of e-books into the physical realm. And with good reason.

While searching for something completely unrelated to YouTube gaming (I was looking for expansions to the board game Dixit, if you were wondering), I came across this baffling find: YouTube Gamer Life, a 28-page book by Jeremy K. Vos, selling for R52,672.

No, that’s not a typo, or even a listing error on the part of Takelot; it’s a ‘proper’ soft-cover book, going for a ‘proper’ price of $3,000 on Amazon.com – and it is a true gem.

Littered with spelling errors, and suffering from a severe lack of punctuation – at R1,900 a page, YouTuber life may just be the most expensive book you can buy. The most expensive book on Takealot – Cosmetic Surgeon Marketing Motto for R257,000 – even comes in cheaper at R1,020 a page.



So what does YouTube Gamer Life contain, you ask? The secrets of the universe? The meaning of life? (it’s 42, Douglas Adams already covered that one) – or maybe the secrets of YouTube gamers, like PewDiePie, which will unlock your path to becoming the next Let’s Play millionaire.

Sadly, I didn’t have a spare R50k lying around to check – but thanks to Amazon’s book previews, we can catch a rare glimpse of its contents.

The book’s description says that it is “about me (Vos) playing video games and a lot of other stuff”, and has a back-blurb saying that it is “the most up to date of what I’ve done this summer”. It also includes a little ‘about’ page for the author himself:

“Well I’m 15 and plan to have this finished in a month and make another one when school starts now I like righting (sic) short stories and in using those so I might add some of those in.”

“Going in to this book is like trying to go back to school when you don’t have to you don’t really know what you want to right about until your (sic) typing in and just come out like anything from your mouth would so you should try writing stories.”

“Now getting in to the story it will be about me but with different names in the story and also be located in a small room just like mine.”

As for content, an excerpt from the book details what appears to be a fairly simple breakdown of Grand Theft Auto IV, followed by several anecdotes from Mr Vos, such as:

  • “They have a lot of some cars”
  • “I like racing at the airport”
  • “There a lot of stuff I like going at the airport (sic)” and
  • “It’s fun in the rail area with motorcycles!”


In all fairness, I doubt this was a blatant attempt by Vos to scam people out of money, because I doubt anyone would actually buy this (except the one sorry soul who is selling a used “but good as new” copy for $2,580) – but it does make you wonder how this got to print in the first place.

If you’re keen on picking up a hard copy of YouTube Gamer Life, you can grab it on Takealot for under R53,000, or from Amazon for $2,999. If you prefer a digital approach, the e-book version is going for much less, at $11.39.

If you’re interested in more affordable self-published titles, you can check out some other top-notch stories, like Pounded By The Pound: Turned Gay By The Socioeconomic Implications Of Britain Leaving The European Union, or Space Raptor Butt Invasion.

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Would you spend R53,000 on this 14 year old YouTube gamer’s autobiography?

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