The insane movie plots people actually tried in real life

We love watching a good, old-fashioned movie plot.

Something that we can discuss with friends and remember fondly.

No matter how cool the scenes though, we’ve never actually tried to recreate them in real-life.

We can’t say the same for these people though, check out the scenes from famous movies people tried in real life:

30 minutes or less or blown up


Jesse Eisenberg’s 30 minutes or less was ultimately a funny if forgettable comedy.

It becomes much more watchable however when you find out it’s based on a real incident where a pizza delivery man was forced to rob stores or risk being blown up by a bomb strapped to his chest.

In fact, the story in real life is even crazier because the man was in on the scam – he didn’t know the bomb was real until he tried to back out.

Camera Trickery from Oceans 11


An enterprising Australian hacker used the now infamous Oceans 11 trick of looping a security feed to personnel while being informed of his opponents cards in an earpiece.

The man made off with $33 million Australian Dollars.

Bus Jumping the Bridge in Speed

Albert Gunston did just this in 1952 when he realised that the London’s Tower Bridge was raising.

There was no fear of him and his passengers blowing up either, although some did pick up a couple of bumps and scrapes on landing.

The Real-life Truman Show


More sad than funny, some Japanese television producers thought it would be a great idea to recreate the Truman Show in true reality TV fashion.

The producers of this “torture”-themed reality series, which ran from 1998 to 2002, took things so far that the government actually stepped in and cancelled it.

The Balloon Scene from Up

Carl releasing the tethers from his house and lifting up to the heavens was probably the defining moment in UP.

It’s also a scene in a Pixar cartoon where the laws of physics needn’t apply.

As you can imagine, when a Calgary man tried to do the same thing strapped to his lawn chair, the only magical place he visited was jail.

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The insane movie plots people actually tried in real life

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