This guy’s job is to go to every international gaming expo – this is how rAge 2016 compares

What’s the best job in the world?

Being paid to go to the world’s biggest and best gaming expos has got to be right up there – which is exactly what YouTuber iJaesin Wiggins does.

We sat down with him to talk about his job, how South Africa compares and what rAge could do better.

Hi there iJaesin, thanks for speaking with us. Could you briefly describe what you do?
I’m a YouTuber, primarily focused on first-person shooters.

Most of my content is Call of Duty-focused, but in recent months I’ve transitioned the channel into something that’s more entertainment/travel-focused.

Starting with E3 this year I’ve began attending the the world’s gaming expos.

I’ve been to six or seven different ones in the last few months, and after rAge I’m heading to PAX Melbourne.

How does rAge compare to the the other expos you’ve been to?

Out of the six or seven others I’ve been to, rAge is only second biggest to E3.

Obviously that may not be true from a size or attendance perspective but there’s something about rAge being housed inside a big dome and the way it’s been laid out it just feels bigger.

Is there anything other expos do better than rAge?

Speaking honestly, it’s almost exactly the same. It’s the same games being shown, the same type of people and the same environment (but in a good way).

Vise versa, is there anything that rAge does better than other expos?

Honestly, I haven’t spent enough time on the showfloor but most things seem pretty similar.

What I will say is that everyone seems a lot more hospitable.

Gamers (especially in the USA) seem to always be angry for one reasn or another, but rAge is definitely one of the more laid-back and fun expos I’ve been to so far.

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This guy’s job is to go to every international gaming expo – this is how rAge 2016 compares

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