The biggest movie releases in South Africa this week

This week’s movie releases are a tad sparse but for a very good reason – everyone is trying to get out of the way of the monstrosity that is Star Wars.

Still, raunchy comedy Office Christmas Party appears to be more than capable entertainment for those of you who can’t get tickets to the movie event of the year.

Check out this week’s biggest movie release below.

Rogue One: A Star Wars story

Age restriction: 10-12PGV

Run time: 2h 15min 

Starring: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Riz Ahmed, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Jonathan Aris

Directed by: Gareth Edwards


The Rebellion makes a risky move to steal the plans to the Death Star, setting up the epic saga to follow.

Office Christmas Party

Age restriction: 16DLNS

Run time: 1h 45min

Starring: Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, T. J. Miller, Jillian Bell, Courtney B. Vance, Rob Cordory, Katie McKinnon, Jennifer Aniston

Directed by: Josh Gordon


When his uptight CEO sister threatens to shut down his branch, the branch manager throws an epic Christmas party in order to land a big client and save the day, but the party gets way out of hand…

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The biggest movie releases in South Africa this week

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