Dr Disrespect reveals game footage of his new shooter — fans are not impressed

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect and his new gaming studio, Midnight Society, unveiled early footage of their upcoming first-person shooter game on Sunday, and fans are already criticising it on Twitter.

Titled Deadrop, the new game was described by the studio as a PvPvE first-person “vertical extraction shooter”.

From the gameplay footage, you can tell the game is in the early development stages by the choppy framerate, poor gun mechanics, lack of animations, and sound design.

However, this wasn’t the reason for the fan ridicule, but rather a comment Dr Disrespect made on Twitter a month before the gameplay reveal.

He stated in a now-deleted tweet that Deadrop “blows out anything from CoD engine.”

This was a bold statement and many fans took the opportunity to make fun of the game because of it.

Gaming journalist Tom Henderson tweeted that it’s a reach to even compare it to CoD Mobile, while others have described it as an arcade shooter you’d find at Chuck E. Cheese.

Despite these displeasing responses, it must be said that it’s very uncommon to show gameplay this early in the development process, and this may be an example of why this is the case.

A release date is far in the future for Deadrop, and there is still plenty of space for Midnight Society and Dr Disrespect to prove us wrong and blow away our expectations when the game is closer to its completion.

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Dr Disrespect reveals game footage of his new shooter — fans are not impressed

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