This is what South Africans are asking Google

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One of the easiest ways to get into the South African people’s mindset is to check their search history.

Fortunately (and maybe a tad scarily) Google collates all this data into a handy list, with every country’s most popular searches being broken down each day.

With “municipal voting” trending two weeks in a row, it should be no surprise that current affairs continue to dominate searches, with the Olympics taking the spotlight this week.

Check out the top 10 trending questions on Google South Africa from this last week:

  1. How to start a blog
  2. How many sports are in the Olympics?
  3. What is bipolar?
  4. What is climate change?
  5. How to stop coughing
  6. What is lupus?
  7. How many countries are in the Olympics?
  8. What to do when you are bored
  9. How to get rid of stretch marks
  10. How to trace a number

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This is what South Africans are asking Google

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