8 gadgets under R300 we can’t live without

As tech enthusiasts it often feels like we have to have the latest and greatest in order to remain on top of our game.

Often it’s not those immaculately designed feats of human engineering that we really need however – it’s those cheap, little gadgets that help us get through the day.

With that in mind, these are the 10 gadgets under R300 we can’t live without:

Power Bank


“It will never happen to me” – famous last words and not just because your smartphone went flat in the middle of a conversation.

There’s a reason power banks have popped up everywhere in the last few years – they’re an incredibly useful piece of tech.

Don’t be that person who’s unreachable just because you didn’t charge your phone, always have a back up plan.

Check out:

Romoss Sailing 2 Power Bank 5200mAh from Raru – R215

Star Wars Darth Vader USB Powerbank from Mantality – R295

Extra-long charging cables


There’s nothing worse than constantly unplugging, knocking over and dropping your phone just because your charging cable isn’t long enough for the task at hand.

That’s why buying a longer generic cable that can reach anywhere you need it to is a game-changer.

Alternatively, if your problems are too many cables, consider getting a multi-charger (R189 from Takealot) in order to reduce clutter.

Check out:

(Android) 5m cable from Takealot – R149

(iOS) – 3m cable from Takealot – R137

Solar Lantern


With load shedding now supposedly behind us, we do still seem to be getting hit with an awful lot of “strange” power outages.

For those nights when lighting dozens of candles is too much work, we suggest going for a handy, portable solar lantern to light your way.

Besides setting the mood indoors (and making sure you don’t keep bumping into the coffee table), they also work well as outdoor lamps, even if that’s just helping to check the meat while braaiing in the garden.

Check out:

Naturally Solar Buddy Light from Sustainable.co.za – R154

UltraTec Waterproof LED Solar Lantern from YuppieChef – R299

Desk Humidifier


Yes you are going to get some funny looks in the office and yes, you will probably only need it for around 8 months of the year.

Come summer however, and your colleagues will be the only ones “looking funny” as they sit drenched in sweat for what’s on record to be the hottest year in human history.

Check out:

Crystal Aire Mini Ultrasonic USB Cool Mist Humidifier from Loot – R229



This isn’t for those of you with monster rigs at home with 40 USB 3.0 ports perfectly ordered in terms of importance.

It’s for those who deal with laptops or ancient towers with 2 USB ports on a daily basis and experience the sinking realisation that you will have probably to unplug your keyboard if you want to charge your phone.

USB hubs are also rather useful to have if you don’t feel like constantly fiddling around the back of your PC.

Check out:

Arcade Super Hub 4X Port USB Hub from Mantality – R220

Belkin 4 Port USB Hub from Dion Wired – R149

USB Key ring


Don’t underestimate the need to be able to quickly copy data from one PC to another.

Whether it’s quickly grabbing some files from a friend or sending work documents over dodgy internet, it’s always wise to keep a USB drive close at hand.

Having one attached to your keys not only means you’re less likely to lose it, it also means you can rest assured that important documents are close at hand.

Check out:

Tuff-Luv 16GB USB Drive and Vintage Leather Key Ring Case from Takealot – R289

Key Finder


“Help! I bought a brand-new USB Key ring and then lost my keys”.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The more expensive variants of Key Finder come replete with GPS tracking and full-on klaxons to help you locate your keys, but even the most basic models will get the job done.

Check out:

Whistle Key Finder from Tangled.co.za – R149

A sweet desk toy


“Wait! Desk toys aren’t an essential piece of tech!”

Anyone who has experienced the trials of working 9 to 5 would argue otherwise, and having something silly on hand to mess around in order to achieve some work/life balance is essential.

It doesn’t have to be for the office either. It can be a great icebreaker when guests are over or when you quickly have to entertain a little one.

Check out:

Plug-n-Play Retro TV Games Arcade Kit with 200 Games from Mantality – R295

Bananagrams Word Board Game from Takealot – R215

Laser Tag from YuppieGadgets – R285

What’s the gadget under R300 you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below and  in our forums.

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8 gadgets under R300 we can’t live without

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