The guide to staying healthy while gaming

Nobody likes preaching or being talked down to.

You’ve had a long day at the office, you’re tired and want to unwind playing games so the last thing you need is something reminding you that you’ve just spent most of the day in front of a screen (even if that nagging is just in your head).

This isn’t helped by the fact that it’s remarkably easy to balance a chip packet and cool drink while playing a game (an art even), thus foregoing the food pyramid that’s not grounded by Doritos.

So how do you balance out the good with the bad?

We compiled some simple (non-preachy) tips to help you stay healthy while gaming:


The real thing is to stay hydrated, which means your body actually has to be taking in water.

It also helps to keep you awake and more focused (especially helpful for concentrating) and will help prevent the serious headaches that arise from eye strain.

Take a walk:

We’re not going to tell you take a half an hour break fro every two hours of gaming but a walk every now and then won’t hurt.

This helps gets the blood circulating to those parts of your body that have gone to sleep during your gaming session, and as the added bonus of helping clear your head from that Darks Souls run.

You should also consider getting a standing desk if the idea of prolonged sitting is starting to make you feel uncomfortable.

Get some sleep:

We understand that some marathon gaming sessions go until the sun comes up the next morning and in fact we applaud that you managed to go so long.

Just don’t do it every single night of the holidays.

Sleeping gives your eyes some time to rest and your brain to unpack the day (even if that’s trying to figure out a difficult puzzle).

Committing to a healthy sleep cycle also means that you can be more productive during the day.

Make your workout a game:

One of the least talked about aspects of exercising is how similar the mental compartmentalisation of exercising is to playing a video game.

It’s a quite literal checklist of activities you can run through that will result in a positive goal being achieved.

That can even mean downloading one of the numerous apps that truly make a game out of your exercising.

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The guide to staying healthy while gaming

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