Why did we all try to kill our Sims?

Those of you who have played The Sims for any decent length of time no doubt tried to kill them in various morbid ways.

It’s truly one of the greatest phenomenons of gaming that no matter the endless possibilities the game’s life simulator allowed you to explore, every one of its players knew exactly what happened when you took away the pool ladder.

Talking to VICE’s  Kristen Cochrane, Adam Lobel – game designer and a specialist in social psychology, explained exactly what drew gamers to commit these crimes.

“Some people will play The Sims because they love the idea of being a nurturer,” Lobel explains.

“Other people might play The Sims because they just like to experiment with things and break boundaries.”

So is there something wrong with those of us who decided to light the fireworks indoors?

As Lobel explains The Sims was likely a way for you to experiment with a side of yourself that was foreign to your core personality traits.

In other words it created a safe place for breaking your own personal boundaries.

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Why did we all try to kill our Sims?

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