5 adult cartoons that would make epic video games

Rick and Morty Game

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is out next week and while playing the game at rAge this past weekend I thought to myself what other cartoons out there would make great games.

South Park has hit the nail on the head when it comes to its great video game adaption, but what other shows made for older audiences could do the same? I have watched a fair amount of these in my life so here are some of my picks.

Drawn Together

What do you get when you take a bunch of characters from different walks of life and put them into a TV shows together? A great reality show.

Drawn Together was one of the best adult cartoons of the 2000s thanks to its great mix of characters and the diverse cast that were all piled into this house. Think of Big Brother, but with a gay Link clone, an overly sexual pig, a Japanese Pikachu doll-like creature, and more.

Drawn Together would make for an awesome Sims-like experience as you control an anime character that you create, and try and live your life in this house with these lunatics. Drawn Together could not have gotten any more offensive, but who cares? It is a cartoon and they are allowed to do what they want.

Drawn Together

Rick and Morty

Probably one of the hottest shows online right now is none other than Rick and Morty. The show stars a drunk master scientist/genius and his grandson as they travel across the galaxy and through different dimensions on adventures like we have never seen before. The best part about the show is just how brilliant the writing is and how it managed to either screw with your mind, or simply leave you wondering what in the world just went on.

I can see a good Telltales experience coming out of this game as the episodes are structured in such a way that they would be the perfect place for great story-telling, along with tough decision making. It also just makes sense given that there are infinite amounts of dimensions in the show, so why not have a Telltales game that offers a unique amount of endings possible in a video game. No RPG, no battles, just Rick and Morty at their best in a TV show-like video game.

Rick and Morty

The Simpsons

Yes, I know the Simpsons had its fair share of games back in the day, but they have been lacking over the past few year. Not counting the mobile versions, The Simpsons has not been seen in the current generation. Looking back at the previous games on PS3 and PS2, the series delivered some great side-scrolling action games that paid tribute to the Final Fight, and Double Dragon series.

It would be great to see the series have a comeback into gaming and deliver the same over-the-top fighting and punching in all its yellow people glory. Even if it is not a side-scroller, then why not a full RPG like South Park? I feel that the Simpsons has enough lore, characters and bad guys to deliver a decent RPG game. Here’s to hoping to see a new Simpsons game soon.

The Simpsons

Bojack Horseman

Our favourite self-loathing alcoholic horse is back with a new season on Netflix and everyone knows that the show has a unique take with its animal and human crossovers and its slapstick humour. BoJack Horseman has some brilliant dialogue and some well put together episodes that would indeed make for a decent video game experience.

Think of games like Day of the Tentacle, and Grim Fandango and how well they were delivered. Puzzles, unique gameplay elements, and of course the fantastic script made the games all worth playing. Bojack Horseman would shine if this could ever be translated into the same sort of video game genre. All the unique characters, and of course Bojack with his multi-layered personality, would make for an experience worth the ride.

BoJack Horseman

Team Hunger Force

I am just going to say, I think Team Hunger Force would be the best kart racing game of all time. It has the characters like Carl, Master Shake, Frylock, Err Fu, and let us not forget Meatwad. The game would have tracks set across the show’s best locations and vehicles designed for each character while still making it true to the series. Imagine, Shake in a cardboard cup holder with straws as suspensions and juice bottle lids as wheels.

Team Hunger Force also has the perfect amount of humour and adult themes to assure that the game will not be suited for the younger audiences so all those who grew up playing Crash: CTR, Mario Kart, and games like Running Wild, will feel right at home with an f-bomb dropped here and there.

Aqua Teen Hunger

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  • Virtual Rickality is already a thing and it is AWESOME!

  • Wizzard

    It’s AQUA Team Hunger Force. Do you even watch the show?

    Also “it has the characters like Carl…”

    Did you guys hire a foreign writer from Fiverr or something?

  • Martin Sibara

    Love Rick and Morty.
    It’s so good.

  • konfab

    An Archer themed FPS would be amazing.

  • Johan Kruger


  • ZenoDiac

    Actually, it’s Aqua TEEN hunger force.

  • ZenoDiac

    Horri shet! I haven’t watch Drawn Together in freakn yeeears.
    Heck, they don’t make’em like they used to.
    And hell, Master Shake is the shiz.

  • Munchkin

    Um, The Simpsons do have at least one game I’ve seen, but I’m sure there could be more made.

  • Wizzard

    Ahahaha! Right in the irony. At least no one paid me to write that comment 😛

5 adult cartoons that would make epic video games

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