M-Net wants ISPs to block piracy websites


M-Net, SAFACT, and film producers want ISPs to send warnings to copyright infringers and block piracy websites in South Africa.

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development has been presenting its responses to submissions received on the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill, and a comment submitted by M-Net, SAFACT, and the Film Producers Association implored the government to fight online piracy.

M-Net proposed that new measures should be introduced which allow ISPs to block piracy websites and issue warnings to users involved in file sharing.

“It is suggested that South Africa should consider adopting technology-neutral no fault enforcement legislation that would enable intermediaries to take action against online infringements,” stated the comment.

The parties also said that ISPs should be obligated to cooperate with rights-holders and the government to combat illegal file sharing.

The department responded by stating the Cybersecurity Bill does not deal with copyright infringement and that the comments were better suited for the Copyright Amendment Bill.

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  • ApexPred


  • AnRkey

    That last bit made me smile 🙂

  • Cathal

    Curious how this affects rights to privacy and censorship laws. Not that I’m condoning piracy, but torrent sites are definitely not solely used as a means to pirate.

    Giving companies discretion on what to allow and what not according to some arbitrary opinion about certain sites is coming pretty close to encroaching on freedom.

  • newsnexus

    Or how about South Africans switch to netflix and showmax and cancel their mnet subscriptions so that Mnet can go out of business. Last thing we need is some company trying to restrict the freedom of the internet. streaming sites are cheaper than mnet anyway

  • Nduduzo Ndimande

    So these Dumbos @MNet are still clueless as to VPN and tunneling. Shame, drop your own DSTV pricing 1st, greedy f#$&@s

  • gamemaker2

    Who the F do they think they are this is state capture on the button M Net go to hell.

  • Leslie-robbins Van Der Walt

    I agree i am on Netflix since before it was in SA but wont use Showmax as it is part of MNet

  • oblivionImperialGuard

    Meh. Haven’t downloaded a movie/series since Netflix.

  • I agree. With a good VPN and Netflix or Hulu.

  • That’s why there are some companies that are fighting for Net Neutrality.

M-Net wants ISPs to block piracy websites

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