MyGaming is back!

MyGaming is back, with a team of fresh-faced gaming fanatics bringing you the latest news and features.

Before we get into the relaunch of MyGaming, though, we first need to strafe down memory lane.

MyGaming was launched in January 2009 under the leadership of Nic Simmonds. He ran the publication until August 2011, when he left to start Clockwork Media.

Nic now serves as co-CEO of Clockwork Media – South Africa’s top independent creative and communications agency, with headquarters in Johannesburg and London.

James Etherington-Smith took over from Nic as editor and ran MyGaming until July 2014, when he left for the UK.

James quickly moved up the ranks in the competitive London publishing space, and is now the managing editor of Newsweek.

James was replaced by Jan Vermeulen, who served as editor until February 2018, when MyGaming was closed.

Jan continued his editorial journey and is now the editor of MyBroadband, South Africa’s premier IT publication.

Are you seeing the trend here?

All MyGaming’s editors became successful professionals in their respective fields.

MyGaming is therefore the career equivalent of Good Luck Chuck – minus the terrible acting of Dane Cook – and sends a clear message to all the people out there who say playing games is not great for your career: You can suck it!

The Phoenix rises

Four years after closing, MyGaming has now relaunched with a new team of journalists who love gaming.

Why relaunch now, you ask? The reason is simple: people love reading about games, and there is no better job for an aspiring journalist to learn the ropes than at a gaming website.

So prepare your rigs for the latest gaming news, reviews, and hardware advice from people who love PC, PlayStation, Xbox (and a bit of Switch when no one is looking) as much as you.

Game on!


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MyGaming is back!

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