Diablo III review roundup

Given the nature of Diablo III, there were no reviews appearing prior to the game’s release. Diablo III requires hours upon hours of playtime before determining a verdict on Blizzard’s long-awaited RPG. Not to mention that critics weren’t able to access the game until it became available to everyone at the same time.

Well, almost a week has passed since the gates of Hell have reopened, and reviewers around the world have crawled Diablo III’s dungeons, looted their inhabitants and assessed if the 12-year wait has been worth it.

Diablo III currently holds a Metascore of 88, while maintaing an 87.56 rating on GameRankings; although these aggregated numbers mean very little in the greater scheme of things, as what we really want to know is what the critics think.

The highs

Gameblog.fr – 5/5

“Blizzard had to compromise to manage the expectations of a larger audience. Diablo III still manages to remain truthful to its roots, while still increasing accessibility for newcomers. Some players might be annoyed by those revisions of the formula, but the truth is that Diablo III still is the benchmark of modern hack’n slash games we were praying to get, thanks to incredible production values, polish, sound work and content.” Read the full review.

RPGamer – 5/5

“It takes the core experience that made Diablo II great and makes it less frustrating and, more importantly, much more accessible. Where Diablo II encouraged careful planning and forethought, Diablo III encourages experimentation and fun. And hey, if you’re not down with that, Torchlight II is right around the corner.” Read the full review.

Inside Gaming Daily (Machinima) – 9.5/10

“With Diablo III, Blizzard made one of the most approachable and enjoyable games in the world even better. In fact, aside from the annoying online-only infrastructure, I can’t imagine a single thing I would change to make this game better. That’s when you know you have a classic on your hands, and that’s also when you know you should play this game as much as you can.” Read full review.

 Edge – 9/10

“You may think you know Diablo, but you don’t know it with this level of polish, from the clean brilliance of interlocking skills and classes to the sheer amount of chaos the game’s comfortable with conjuring in its later dungeons. It’s a testament to what money and confidence (Blizzard’s own equivalent of mana and health) can do. ” Read the full review.

VideoGamer – 9/10

“This is not the most adventurous action RPG on the market, then, but its razor-sharp and uncompromising focus on structure and mechanics ensures it’s one of the most playable. Diablo III quite simply revels in being a video game, and when a game is this well-executed it’s impossible to resist those charms.” Read the full review.

The lows

On the “low” end of things, Guardian (despite their good score) slated the game for its short and linear nature, while GameArena couldn’t ignore the connectivity issues associated with the gameplay experience.

Guardian – 4/5

“For single players, it’s an entertaining and gorgeous-looking dungeon hack but it’s a bit short, extremely linear and hardly pushing any boundaries. Playing online (and Blizzard isn’t really giving us a choice) makes it a better balanced and more compelling challenge, with all the potential to be the kind of lifestyle substitute that Diablo’s legion of hunter-gatherer fans should relish.” Read the full review.

GameArena – 6.5/10

“I’ve played 28 hours of Diablo 3 (according to the in-game measurement) – but this isn’t the whole story. I’ve spent six hours not playing it – nearly a quarter of my time total. With no competitive multiplayer (except for the facile concept of a ‘race to the finish line’), constant network related issues and what I feel is negative movement in terms of the ‘loot’ metagame, Diablo 3 in its current state isn’t something I see myself playing any more.” Read full review.

So, while Diablo III had a rocky start at launch, the game has generally been very well-received from game critics around the world, barring a small handful of complaints. What do you think of Diablo III? Has it lived up to your expectations?

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  • St3baS

    epic game! 😀 loving it, currently on hell act 2 as a level 55 wizard 😀

  • Pannekoek

    The game was a good buy, its visuals are stunning and so is its sound, blizzard did a great job, and despite people’s offline rage, i like the fact that its online features give me the option of asking people to trade items or post stuff up on the AH at any time is great, i also plan to make use of the real money auction house, if that means that my account is safer with no offline mode available then that’s perfectly fine. The game can feel a bit linear, if you rush to the end of each difficulty mode, but there is alot to explore if you take your time in each act. This all bieng said i must say, it is annoying to have login errors, but isnt that to be expected with such a popular title ? If you plan on playing the game and dont want lag and login problems, come back in a few weeks to get a better experience, if you done mind the occasional lag spike then, jump in right away, there are plenty of gears awaiting you! My personal rating is 8/10. Thanks for the article.

  • kolaval

    And yet here I am left not able to play, the R495 game I bought, single player.
    Just yesterday(sunday) afternoon it was error 37 (server busy) all the way
    Such a disappointment.

  • Wilhelm van Zyl

    Server problems disappointing and really not acceptable since they knew the total amount of pre-orders. Other than that the gameplay is similar to D2, don’t like the dumbed down skilltrees or the long delay on the townportal spell. And the always-on DRM sucks is really annoying – causing lag in single player gameplay no good reason (authenticantion could just as well have only taken place only at save points. Blizzard really should have gotten this right, considering development time and budget, not even to mention high price of admission

  • I would give it a 5 out of 10.

    10/10 for gameplay and all the usual jazz

    0/10 for technical issues: Servers down more than up, nowhere near strong enough servers for the load, no offline singlplayer, horrible ping times.

    This game could have been the best game of the century had it not failed so hard on the technical side. Or should I call it the consumer side?

  • Pew

    Blizzard and Diablo III are the perfect example of everything wrong with the gaming industry today. They sell the game for a small fortune, force online connectivity for offline functionality, don’t offer basic functionality found in all older games, don’t provide adequate technical support and infrastructure, don’t implement proper security (and when it fails they try and blame gamers for not using their authenticators, which shouldn’t be necessary in the first place, which don’t prevent the latest hacks in any case).

    I was really looking forward to Heart of the Swarm but at this rate it’s probably best to forget about it and focus on something else entirely.

  • Guy

    Sorry I knew you were talking kak when you said they were selling it for a “small fortune”

  • Wyzak

    Can we try to keep things civil please?

    If you compare the price of D3 ($60) to say Torchlight 1 and 2 ($20 combined). You are paying a small fortune for a game that has a lot of issues at the moment.

  • kolaval

    LOL so is +-R480 cheap for you?
    Compared to other title is expensive, I paid R350 for Mass Effect 3 from BT Games, which is an AAA-title.
    And best of all, it’s single player campaigns works

Diablo III review roundup

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