Debriefing: 2upGamers 6th Gen in Cape Town

Friday, 1 June 2012. It was a dark and stormy night. Okay, maybe not so stormy. Not stormy at all, actually, but “it was a dark and totally clear night, not a cloud or even a breeze, really” just doesn’t have quite the right sense of vaguely apocalyptic foreboding I’m going for here.

Besides, this month, the people in charge of 2upGamers decided to have this thing out in the northern suburbs at the Bellville Peninsula Cricket Academy, which is as close to apocalyptic as it gets without the four horsemen and the fire and the CPU clock cycle failures and whatever else is supposed to happen at the appointed hour. Mullets and stone-washed jeans have that effect.

And this guy.

Guest speakers on the night included the guys from Friends of Design and the Blankets for Cape Town charity, Nintendo South Africa, High 5 and Clan Connection, Ozone, MWEB, and probably loads of others, but the sound in the venue was so bad, I’m not entirely sure what was going on, and apparently neither was anybody else because they all started talking to each other instead, making it even harder to know what was happening.

Then the power went out.

What I said about the northern suburbs and the apocalypse? Yeah, that. Also, running pretty much everything on a single extension cable probably wasn’t a good idea, but I’ll blame the northern suburbs for that too, because I can.

And I didn't get my turn on LG's posh new 3D TV, that had Gears of War 3's split-screen views put one on top of the other instead of side by side.

And I didn't win any of this stuff. 🙁

On the other hand, the students over at Friends of Design had put together this adorable game for the Blankets for Cape Town charity, and money from the event went into helping the under-privileged keep warm this winter. So that's nice.

Friends of Design's Philipp Schmid (second on the left) with the Blankets for Cape Town peeps. We've got a Q&A with Philipp and his colleague Lars Espeter coming soon - WATCH THIS SPACE.

But hey, it’s a social event more than anything else, and there was plenty of hanging out with people to catch up on, and – more importantly – a bar. Who needs power when there’s good company and beer? I mean, exactly.

Everybody goes for the pizza, anyway, so whatever.

Pizza is like an automatic 20 on any saving throw.


Exactly, bro.

The next 2upGamers event is scheduled, as usual, for the first Friday of next month, 6 July. Make sure to follow @2upGamers on Twitter or keep an eye on their website for details. In the meantime then, here’s a photo dump from this one, and remember – spot yourself and win an amazing invisible prize. It’s amazing because it’s invisible.

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Debriefing: 2upGamers 6th Gen in Cape Town

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