News you may have missed (18-22 June)

June is slowly heading into the business end of the month, with a few things wrapping up and preparing for the mid-year period. After Nintendo have been pushing out the news on their upcoming console, a lot of hate and love has come towards it, either way, we’re all pretty excited for it.

The other news has been filled with a lot of highlights, although some low-lights did make an appearance. At the end, there’s always still something to laugh over.

The future is now

Next-gen consoles were talked about a fair amount throughout the week.

>> Xbox 720, Kinect V2, AR glasses “leaked”
>> Nintendo 3DS XL pictures and video
>> Another Wii U price and release date slips out
>> Sony thinks Wii U isn’t powerful enough
>> Wii U won’t have pre-owned game prevention
>> Wii U more powerful than 360 and PS3 – Crytek

>> Nintendo reveals bigger, better 3DS XL
>> Take Two boss thinks Wii U can’t deliver to core gamers

Patience is a virtue

We got a whole bunch of announcements, which means more waiting.

>> Timesplitters 4 could be happening if you show your support
>> New Diablo III buyers restricted to demo for 72 hours

>> Metal Gear Solid 5 will mark the return of Snake
>> Browder: “Heart of the Swarm is 99% done”
>> Homefront 2 is being treated as a new IP
>> Microsoft launches SmartGlass SDK for Xbox developers
>> Smash Bros 4 being developed by Namco Bandai
>> SA Game Dev shut down, Make Games SA launched

Lights, camera, action

We were treated to a fair amount of gameplay and action this week.

>> Darksiders II Last Sermon – Death awaits us all…
>> Dead Space 3 – 20 minute gameplay video
>> Resident Evil 6 gameplay continues to flow in
>> Snoop Dogg’s Tekken music video unleashes silliness

Bottom of the barrel

We have now officially seen everything.

>> Mike Tyson knocks out WWE 13
>> Lingerie Football League game in the works
>> Diablo III finally completed on Hardcore Inferno
>> Booth babes are “the cheapest trick”, says CD Projekt boss
>> Minecraft troll sends police to moderator’s house

Old dogs, new tricks

Some previous showstoppers are making a return.

>> Doom 3 BFG Edition gets a release date and pricing
>> Okami HD coming to PSN later this year
>> Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod could be the best thing ever
>> Need For Speed movie rights acquired by Dreamworks
>> John Carmack “not all that excited” about next-gen consoles
>> Black Ops 2 features competitive zombie modes

Keeping pace

Some games and manufacturers know they’ve got to evolve to keep up with the ever-changing world.

>> Microsoft reveals Surface tablet PC using Intel or ARM
>>  EA: “Origin’s first year a huge success”
>>  Another Wii U price and release date slips out
>> Watch Dogs movie could be in the works at Ubisoft
>> Dark Souls PC specs revealed, microphone required for multiplayer
>> Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition retail contents confirmed for SA


Computer gaming on beach

>> 5 game franchises that never say die
>> Gaming comfort gadgets
>> Wii U accessories we hope never happen
>> God of War: Ascension preview – brimful with brutality
>> Gaming expo dates to diarise
>> Pandora’s Tower Review (Wii)

Video of the week

Dead Space 3 – 20 minute gameplay footage.

Image of the week

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

We don’t just play games, we talk about them too!

Thanks for checking out the news this week, and if you’d like to get involved with the MyGaming community, check out the comments sections on the site and head over to the MyGaming forums, where everyone is discussing what we’re all playing, PC gamers are still bantering solidly in the Diablo III discussion, and some people are contemplating giving Avastar a visit.

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News you may have missed (18-22 June)

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