2upGamers 7th Gear debriefing

Seven has always been an auspicious number in myth, legend, and that one album by Iron Maiden, and the 2upGamers 7th Gear event in Cape Town last Friday proved further testament to its great, occult power.

After some cosmic interference last month, the 2upGamers team moved things over to a new venue at Ikamva in Parow, and presumably scattered ashes and incense and bits of old pizza crust around the place to ward off any more trouble. Apparently it worked, because the seventh event – falling, even more auspiciously it would seem, on the seventh month – was probably the best of the lot so far.

Following a New! Improved! format of less talk, more play, presentations were kept to an appropriately attention-deficit minimum, with just two short talks from GameX expo organiser Sean Fowles and EA community go-getter Bryan Banfield, and a promo video from the Cape Town Showdown fight club about their new, uh, Fight Club initiative. It’s different because of the capital letters.

We’ll have more about GameX coming at you once we’ve officially interrogated Mr. Fowles, but in the meantime, there are promises of “exciting surprises” for the expo, which is scheduled to go live and loud at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in April next year. It’s all a bit secret-this, secret-that for now, but the truth serum I slopped on Sean’s chicken leg later in the evening takes a while to kick in.

“I can neither confirm nor deny that we’ll have live velociraptors you can ride.”

Up next, Bryan had some stuff to give away, including a Sims 3 bundle, copies of FIFA Street and Need for Speed: The Run, and a bunch of Mass Effect 3 collector’s edition artbooks. He also took the opportunity to update the CPTGamers meet-up-‘n’-booze-up schedule, now happening on the third Thursday of every month so kindly adjust your calenders and date nights accordingly.

I bet he kept that Sims bundle for himself.

Big things on the night, though, were the eGamer FIFA 2-vs-2 tourney and the Gears of War 3 Ozone Circle exhibition match, a 2-vs-2-vs-2-vs-2 Wingman gib-’em-up hosted by Zombiegamer’s ramblin’, shamblin’ man Clint “Zombie Dredd” O’Shea. In between all the revving of chainsaws and HoldenZA’s supernatural snub pistol skills and the squeals, I couldn’t say who actually won in the end, but a lot of people got pasted against the walls in Checkout and that’s what counts.

And these two kids totally owned everybody else.

The next 2upGamers event is going down on 3 August, and according to their Twitter stream, they’re “going BIG, very big. In fact we’re going Xtra Large”. Until then, here’s a photo bomb from Friday.

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2upGamers 7th Gear debriefing

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