Gory games that you can play

Violence and gore within games has always been a bit of a taboo subject. From concerned parents to naïve news reporters, violence in games is often frowned upon.

However, all gamers know that the truth about gaming is that it is an escape from reality and a way to have fun. Violence in games is not distasteful (in most cases) but it actually sometimes enhances the gaming experience. So we’re here to show-off the bloodiest and goriest games out there. Sit back, relax and put your apron on.

The God of War Trilogy

The God of War franchise is known for its slick hack-and-slash gameplay and quick-time events; however it’s also famous for producing some of the goriest and most brutal kills in gaming. Whether Kratos is pulling a cyclops’ eye out or ripping an enemy in two, God of War flexes its blood stained muscles.

Mr. Cyclops, um… you’ve got something on your eye

Dead Space series

While the Dead Space series isn’t for all-out gore, its spooky atmosphere and intense Necromorph encounters highlight what usually comes next. Dead Space 1 and 2 host so many death animations that you’ll rarely come across the same one more than once. It’s a bit depressing knowing such violence comes from protagonist Isaac dying, but nevertheless it still counts.

Dude! Why’d you have to make such a mess when dying!?

Soldier of Fortune

While gamers are probably trying to forget the lacklustre third entry into the series, cast your mind back to the original Soldier of Fortune. One of the first games to incorporate technology which allowed for dynamic dismemberment, Soldier of Fortune shocked players as they blew off the legs, arms, and heads of mercenaries (and don’t forget the shotgun disembowelment).  It may not seem inappropriate now, but back then it dropped a whole lotta jaws.

That dude getting shot used to have a face – Pivotal point in gaming history

Dead Rising 2

Zombie apocalypses are never going to be pretty, but Dead Rising 2 cemented this notion by providing players with hordes of the undead to manipulate and destroy as they pleased. Dead Rising 2 is probably the only game in which you’ll see death from a lawnmower, baseball bat and a rocket-launcher within 5 minutes of playtime.

“Nice kitty? Nice kitty!”

Ninja Gaiden 2

Ryu Hayabusa knows how to take on some seriously tough enemies. Another thing he knows is how to make gallons of blood spurt from said enemies at will. Ninja Gaiden 2 produces some of the fastest and most gruesome kills in video game history thanks to razor-sharp weapons and lightning-fast reflexes. It just doesn’t get any better.

Ryu giving his Jackson Pollock rendition, with blood.

Notable Mentions: Mortal Kombat series, Thrill Kill (google it!), Manhunt, MadWorld, Gears of War, Doom 3.

What are some of your favourite violent games? Anything too gory for your liking?

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Gory games that you can play

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