10 most bizarre Skyrim mods

Nevermind pretty grass and hi-res pillows, there’s so much more that Skyrim mods have to offer you…

Do you have any Grey Poupon?

Me, a bottom-feeder? Oh, pish-posh and twaddle and fiddlesticks, my good sir. I am both a gentlemancrab and a scholarcrab, although I dare say I do fancy the odd bit of rotted flotsam and the occasional peck at a young adventurer’s shins from time to time. Did I ever tell you about the time the dear Baronness and I took a boatride down to…

I say, anyone for tennis?

[Posh Mudcrabs]

We like the moon

And I love everything about this mod that swaps out the the moon for the Me Gusta rageface. Now everything you do gets a leery leer of approval from your creepy uncle in the sky.

Chasing kids around Whiterun will never be quite the same.

[Me Gusta Moon]

Randy Savage, the Macho Mandragon

Some problems are too big even for Dovahkiin. This is one of them.

From heavyweight wrestling champ to giant undead lizard – there’s a WWE plot twist nobody could have predicted.

[Macho Dragons]

I used to be an adventurer like you…

Then I took a plastic pink passion rocket to the knee. “Why would I do such a thing?” asks mod creator HONkUS. “Because why the hell not, that’s why.” And because dildos are totally hilarious.

I wonder if it makes a “DONG!” sound when it hits targets. GET IT?!

NSFW! [Phallus Arrows]

And when you’re down here with us, you’ll float too

You know what Skyrim needs more of? Clowns. And geishas. And mono-brows. This mod packs all of these into one exciting bundle – just for kids.

Juggalo 4 lyfe, yo.

[Derrax ClownChildren]

Manly, manly men

Sure, you’ve got a big sword and you slay dragons and you’re some sort of Chosen One, but are you butch enough? This mod will put hair on your chest. And on your back. And pretty much everywhere else. 

You keep working on that one-handed skill, boys, and this is what happens.

NSFW! [Bodyhair Nude Mail HD]


Arachnophobic? This mod replaces all the spiders in the game with badly animated bears instead. You don’t know the meaning of fear.

Are these really bears, though, or just massive clumps of spiders in bear suits?

[No Spiders]


If bearspiders aren’t your thing, how about manchickens? Apparently human flesh tastes like chicken, so this one makes a crazy kind of sense when you think about it. Just don’t think about it too hard.


[Macho Man Chickens]


Werewolves are so last DLC – now it’s all about werechairs. Experience the rich upholstery, flowing through your veins. Lure unsuspecting folk to their deaths with hollow promises of soft cushions and generous armrests.

Bonus: You’ll makes farting noises when you eat people.


Sexy thieves guild armour… for him

Who said girls get all the skimpy armour? This leather ensemble will totally turn heads at the next Guild meetup.

Let’s play assassins!

NSFW! [Revealing Thieves Guild Armor]

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10 most bizarre Skyrim mods

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