The Call of Duty Blacked Out Ops Challenge

Here at MyGaming HQ, we like to mix our drinks. And by “mixing”, I mean mixing video games and drinking, and by “drinks”, I mean cream soda. This is a family-friendly website, so by “cream soda”, I mean VICTOR-OSCAR-DELTA-KILO-ALPHA.

The rules for the Call of Duty drinking game are simple – just drink whenever something on the list happens.

Disclaimer: MyGaming does not condone underage drinking, drinking while operating heavy machine guns, drinking while operating spy drones, drinking and duct-taping explosive ordnance to your family’s maltese poodle, and drinking Brutal Fruit.

Single-player campaign

Drink when:

  • Every time you forget you’re playing a brand new Call of Duty game, and not the one from last year. Or the year before that.
  • You’re playing this Call of Duty game even though you swore you’d never play another Call of Duty game after the last one.
  • Any character speaks in a Russian or Arabic accent to designate “bad guy” status.
  • There’s a threat of imminent nuclear holocaust.
  • Russian or Arabic forces invade America, with accompanying threats of imminent nuclear holocaust.
    Drink twice if an enemy nuke is remotely diverted and detonated in space.
  • An allied chopper is shot down, and the potential loss of a single pilot is more important than the dozens of grunts killed on the way to safely extracting that person.
  • A very implausible plot twist that may or may not involve sabotaging an entire enemy missile program with just two or three special operatives.
  • There’s a reference to Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Apocalypse Now, The Deer Hunter, or Aliens.
  • Choose a particular ally character model. Drink every time that character model reappears.
    Drink twice every time that character model is killed.
  • Any time somebody says “Oorah!”.
  • Captain Price turns up.
    Drink twice if it’s a flashback.
  • Dogs attack.
    Drink twice if they have explosives strapped on them.
  • Super slow-motion.
    Drink twice if you accidentally shoot the hostage.
  • $#&@ing juggernauts.
  • There’s a gunboat chase sequence.
  • There’s a submarine.
  • There’s a sniper mission.
  • There’s a corridor with endless spawns of enemies.
  • There’s an assassination attempt.
    Drink twice if it fails and results in a dismemberment instead.
  • There’s a countdown.


  • There’s a loud kid on the public comms channel in the lobby.
    Drink twice if they’re swearing at everybody or playing music loudly through the headset.
    Drink three times if they tell everybody how high they are.
  • Somebody in the lobby is drunk.
    Drink twice if they’re also playing the Call of Duty drinking game.
  • You get killed one frag away from calling in an attack chopper.
    Drink twice if it’s because you’re killed by somebody else’s attack chopper.
  • Your attack chopper is shot down before it kills anybody.
  • Your attack chopper gets no kills during deployment, and departs in a fuel-haze of shame.
  • $#&@ing claymores.
  • Accusations of camping
  • Accusations of noobtubing.
  • Accusations of hacking and/or aimbotting.
  • Accusations of homosexual preferences.
  • Accusations of anything else that conveniently precludes superior skill.
  • Some noobtubing, hacking, aimbotting, non-heteronormative minority is camping your spawn.
  • Somebody says hardcore mode is better.
    Drink twice if they’re under 12.
  • Somebody says a previous Call of Duty’s multiplayer was better.
  • Somebody says Battlefield is better.
  • You’re knifed.
    Drink twice if you’re arming or disarming a bomb at the time.
  • It’s personal.
  • It’s really personal.
  • Half the losing team rage-quits before the game is over.
    Drink twice if it’s your team.
  • Anybody blames lag.

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The Call of Duty Blacked Out Ops Challenge

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