Getting the online gaming performance you’re promised?

The latest Ookla “Household Promise Index” statistics show that SA’s gamers are not getting the broadband speed which they are promised by their Internet service providers (ISPs).

The Household [Broadband] Promise Index compares and ranks the median ratio of actual download speed to the download speed subscribed to (hence the “promised speed”). This ranking is based on speed test results from and information from the accompanying survey.

According to the promise index as of 23 September 2012, South Africans are getting an average of 76.75% of the speed promised to them by their ISPs – this is an improvement on the 75.50% promise index of July 2012.

The 76.75% rating places SA between New Zealand (76.78%) and United Kingdom (73.70%). South Africa’s promise index is lower than the global average of 86.16%.

The top performing countries in the Ookla Household Promise Index are Hungary (100.72%), Lithuania (99.96%), and Argentina (99.82%).

Verwoerdburg ranks highest in SA, with ISPs serving the area delivering on average 82.50% of promised speeds. Johannesburg ranks the worst in SA, with a promise index of 68.50%.

Source: NetIndex

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Getting the online gaming performance you’re promised?

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