Gaming peripherals that don’t suck

Fancy peripherals seem to becoming out faster than 90’s boy-band members these days, with every company getting into the add-on action. While there are hordes of useless and unnecessary attachments and enhancements (which we’ve even exposed in our Wii peripheral feature), there are those additions that do elevate the experience and make gaming a lot more convenient and immersive. Here are some peripherals that don’t suck and are actually pretty rad.

Konnet Power Pyramid Combo

To admit the obvious, all these fandangled charging units for wireless controllers are an absolute rip-off and should accompany the console on release. Only Sony was nice enough to throw in a standard charging cable with the purchase of a PS3, but you’re always going to need another one when a friend comes around; and let’s not even get started on the 360 – the fact that it doesn’t even come with one is a crime on its own.

But for multiple console owners, we have to say that this is one awesome peripheral that’s going to solve all your needs. Say hello to the Konnet Power Pyramid Combo. It charges up to 4 PS3 and 360 controllers simultaneously. Need we say more?

Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel

Most steering wheel peripherals have always been pretty awesome, but sometimes fell short due to crappy hardware and cheap designs.

Logitech’s Driving Force GT Racing wheel is not crap, and definitely not cheap, but it is the best one around. Force feedback, 900 degrees of rotation, paddle shift and accompanying peddles make Logitech’s wheel one mean racing peripheral to rival.

Nunchuck to iPhone

Firstly, this is 99.7% fake, but still a cool peripheral even though it’s just an idea. While it may look gimmicky, any iPhone user will tell you that having an analogue stick of some sorts would make gaming on Apple’s iconic phone an absolute joy.

This (pie-in-the-sky) adapter allows a nun-chuck to be used on an iPhone, giving players the manoeuvrability of a home console on the run.

As bad as we want this, if Nintendo and Apple merged, they’d most probably just take over the world rather than make a gaming peripheral.

Razer Ouroboros

The Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse is a customisable  ambidextrous model that can be adjusted to cater for different hand sizes and grip-styles.

The Ouroboros features two interchangeable side panels, along with a built-in DPI “clutch trigger button”, which can increase or decrease sensitivity on-the-fly.

Running on a single AA battery, the Ouroboros offers a minimum of 12 hours of life. This seems a low figure to us, but it’s what the official press materials said, so there you have it.

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Gaming peripherals that don’t suck

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