Wii U console – what’s the verdict?

The Wii U is on the horizon, and as we anticipate the release of Nintendo’s new console, we’re all asking one thing: should I buy it on launch day?

Big tech and gaming publications have been toying with the Wii U, and the general verdict is pretty hard to determine. Most opinions and reviews are left open-ended at the prospect of Nintendo’s plans, as many online features are not in-work just yet.

While the reviews are in-progress, there are some positive things to say about the gaming world’s new challenger:


“Focusing solely on gaming, it’s going to be tough to recommend the Wii U to anyone who already owns a PS3 or Xbox 360. A sizable chunk of the system’s launch games are already or soon to be available on the aforementioned systems. Just like with the original Wii, first-party and exclusive titles are really where the Wii U needs to knock it out of the park in order to incentivize a console purchase.” Read the full article.


“Nintendo promised consumers a modern HD gaming console, and the Wii U — what’s there of it thus far — delivers on that promise. Games look gorgeous (HD Mario!), the risky controller is another successful control innovation and there’s a ton of promise on the horizon.” Read the full article.


“Ultimately, the Wii U is a potential-packed system that plays like a dream and at a decent, if not recession-proof, price. An obvious upgrade for Wii owners as it utilises a lot of the hardware you’ll already have, it’s the clear attempt to tempt hardcore gamers that will be intriguing to see play out.” Read the full article.


“While the Wii U will, by definition, succeed or fail based on the quality of the games on offer for it, the hardware itself is definitely impressive. It might not be the super powerhouse that some had been hoping, however ignorantly, for, but it does offer gamers a genuine next generation system with fantastic build quality, low noise pollution, superb advances on the controller front and scope for a huge amount of innovation.” Read the full article.


“We can only say that for those who only have a Wii, the Wii U is everything the Wii was and more. We can’t, however, say that it demands the immediate attention the Wii did. We can’t say its games right now are the games you have to play this season. If you get a Wii U, you’ll likely be at least as content as the people who bought an Xbox 360 on day one were. You’ll have than the launch-day PS3 people had.” Read the full article.

Gizmodo Australia

“While technologically, the Wii U sort of feels like the step you’d take before you get to motion controls in the Wii, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t totally fit into Nintendo’s ethos of interaction. It’s fun. It’s something your family will enjoy using.” Read the full article.


“The Wii U is capable of just about anything. From crazy GamePad features, to a boatload of new console features the Wii U has legs to stand on and deserves gamers’ attention. It’s unfortunate that it’s main competition is two consoles that not only haven’t been announced, but can only be speculated about. How can the Wii U possibly stack up to a PS4 or Xbox 720?” Read the full article.

Core Gaming Systems, official distributors of Nintendo products in SA, has announced the recommended retail price for the Wii U, which is launching on 30 November 2012.

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Wii U console – what’s the verdict?

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