Games of June 2013

June is here, and besides the colossal gaming expo that is E3 taking place, this month has some great games on offer, including some new IPs and returning fan-favourites.

Remember Me

Capcom’s new IP, Remember Me, is set in the year 2084 in the city of Neo-Paris, where you follow the story of a female protagonist named Nilin, whose memory has been erased.

The game is an action platformer, where people buy and sell memories from a company known as Memoreyes.

A unique arm gun is used as a multi-purpose weapon and traversal device within the game, and highlights the quick-moving platforming and free-flow combat on offer.

MyGaming also got the chance to go hands-on with Remember Me.

Remember Me screenshot 2

State of Decay

Among the hordes of undead shooters this year, State of Decay looks to be one of the more interesting zombie titles to be heading our way.

The game is an Xbox Live Arcade and PC title, and will throw players into an open-sandbox world, which will dynamically generate content and enemies based on your choices against the ever-increasing zombie threat.

You’ll have to travel around the world, collecting resources and weapons to help fortify your home base, or face becoming one of the undead yourself.

State of Decay

Rugby Challenge 2

Rugby Challenge 2: The Lions Tour Edition will add new features, modes and licenses when it releases this month.

As the name suggests, one of the biggest additions is the inclusion of the British and Irish Lions license.

The game will also feature an expanded and improved multi-career mode, along with core improvements to the gameplay, such as the addition of quick taps, quick lineouts, mauls from lineouts, interceptions, contesting ball at the breakdown, removing players from the ruck, number 8 scrum pickups, and dynamic in game team strategies on both attack and defence.

An addition to the gameplay tweaks, more customisation and commentary options will be available.

Rugby Challenge 2

The Last of Us

Hands-down, one of the biggest games of the year (not just the quarter) is Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, which is set to deliver visceral and brutal combat that will make the most steel-stomached gamers cringe.

The world of The Last of Us sees a viral outbreak that has caused modern society to be an overgrown mess, as nature reclaims the land and civilisation has fallen to desperation. Players will take on the role of Joel, as he has to escort a young girl named Ellie to a particular quarantined zone.

Both characters will come into play, allowing Joel to command and assist Ellie in helping the two on their journey.

The Last of Us

Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 will follow up from the critically-acclaimed 2006 strategy game, which garnered a huge cult following from its release.

Officially announced back in May 2012, the sequel will feature a new campaign following the battles across the Eastern Front of Europe in World War II, a new Essence 3.0 Engine, and a ‘True Sight’ game mechanic, through which players will only be able to see what their controlled soldiers see, leaving what may be behind the next building or treeline unknown.

Company of Heroes 2 screenshot

Other June releases: Deadpool, Ashes Cricket 2013, Jak and Daxter HD Collection (PS Vita), Dark, SimCity Mac)

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Games of June 2013

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