Does Deadpool deliver destruction or disappointment?


That’s right, the Deadpool game is finally here, and if you’re looking to laugh while you shoot and stab your way through the Marvel anti-hero’s world, then you’re in luck.

The game is currently making a splash in the gaming world thanks to its over-the-top humour and Deadpool’s antics, and trust me, after playing this game, Deadpool doesn’t just break the fourth wall, he smashes it into pieces.

The game is currently holding a 64 Metascore, while keeping a percentage of 66.75 on Gamerankings for the Xbox 360 version.

The PC and PS3 versions are still pending some reviews, but we could expect the aggregates to be within the 360’s range.

Check out what the critics are saying about the merc-with-a-mouth:

OXM: 8/10

“The goofy ending shenanigans are worth the trouble, of course, but it’s always a shame to see a runner stumble just before the finish line. Luckily, the rest of Deadpool is so light on its feet and so steadfastly amusing that you’re bound to remember all of the pleasure and none of the pain.”

Polygon: 7/10

“High Moon surprised me with competent action and better-than average storytelling, and even Deadpool himself grew on me, despite his dumber-than-dirt antics.”

Deadpool screenshot 4

GamesRadar: 3.5/5

“High Moon Studios has created not only one of the best superhero games, but one of the funniest games you’ll ever play–period. Sure, it’s low brow and a little heavy on the dick and fart jokes, but… wait, actually, that’s not a bad thing. It’s a great thing.”

Game Informer: 6/10

“I wouldn’t say it falls into the “it’s so bad, it’s good” camp, but like a cheesy Nic Cage movie, it sometimes hits the right comedic notes, but it just doesn’t hit them enough.”

IGN: 6/10

“Behind Deadpool’s demented humor, creative script, and brilliant sight gags is a fairly conventional, generic action game. It’s not bad, but it’s not particularly good, either – and without oodles of hidden secrets or unlockables to discover, there’s really no reason to replay it once you’ve finished.”

Deadpool screenshot 2

Joystiq: 6/10

“Better to take it as an unvarnished comedy, then, because Deadpool self-destructs when you read so deeply (and madly?) to see satire. That’s okay, bearing in mind there are better games in which you slice people up for points, and that everything Deadpool the man revels in – the bullets, the blood and the babes – are sincerely sought and embarrassingly commonplace in the marketplace to begin with.”

Gametrailers: 5.5/10

“Comic fans looking for a mindless romp may find Wade Wilson’s misadventures up to the task, but players seeking some actual substance should look for another mercenary to hire.”

Deadpool screenshot 1

Videogamer: 5/10

“Deadpool is a great character wrapped in a standard (and short) action experience. It can be fun in quick bursts, but the lack of a real challenge until the very end means it tires quickly.”

Gamespot: 5.5/10

“Deadpool tries to hide its problems behind an exuberant personality, but all the talking in the world can’t smooth over some fundamental flaws.”

Deadpool screenshot 6

MyGaming got a chance to check out the new game ahead of its release, and listed 5 awesome things about Deadpool.

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  • Wyzak

    So just like in all other recent games that were hyped they ended up being a disappointment.

    Can we stop caring about hype now please?

  • Vorastra

    I learnt to not care about hype since BF3. Hype only draws my attention to the game so I can look at it on Youtube when people do Let’s Plays. The only game to live up to it’s hype for a while, was The Last of Us.

  • Myrdlok

    I don’t remember this game being hyped all that much. Yeah sure, there was a few trailers and live action teasers etc., but it didn’t come anywhere close to that of something like Bioshock Infinite or The Last of Us. Regardless of the hype, if you are a Deadpool fan I think any score of 6/10 can be seen as an 8/10 since most fans will look past the smaller issues and just enjoy finally being able to play Deadpool in his own game. I know I will and I’m picking up my copy first thing tomorrow morning.

  • Capt O

    whats your thoughts on bf4 ? I kinda enjoyed bf3 ,,,

  • Vorastra

    I’m really not going to buy it straight away. To me BF4 looks like the stuff they forgot in BF3. Since the last update came out a few months ago and now this? I’m not very happy.

    The stuff they showed in BF3 was very nice and then nothing reflected in the multiplayer…look at this new super awesome dragging animation and then its in the single player for 5 seconds never to be seen again.

    There will be SUPER DESTRUCTION in BF3 but it was worse than BC2…so ye. Ye cool I can now chip this wall into tinnier pieces…what about that bloody building over there.

  • Capt O

    K sweet !

  • Pur!Fier

    I feel the same as you. Everyone is freaking about bf4 but EA has this way of dangling a carrot before your eyes but one never seems to get the whole thing. And its so soon after bf3 in terms of content released. The experience in bf3 also got tiresome. You KNOW what to expect when you go into a match these days. And if someone like FlyingTank is flying around… GG

Does Deadpool deliver destruction or disappointment?

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