Video game movie casting call

video game movies casting call

With video game rights being snatched up by production companies in order to secure future film projects, MyGaming got thinking who should be playing whom when these projects finally get going.

Here are some of those movies, and even though most of them are not even in production yet, let alone pre-production, here are our dream casts of the future video game adapted movies:

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Ryan Reynolds (Nathan Drake)

Nathan Drake seems to have it all and Hollywood will need an actor who’s got the broad talent to encompass our favourite fortune hunter.

Ryan Reynolds (calm down ladies – and some gentlemen) seems to fit the bill with his action-oriented background, as well as his goofy wit, which makes up for a significant amount of Nate’s charm. We think Reynolds is a winner for Drake; and while Mark Whalburg was initially cast, he seems to have fallen away from the project, so let’s see who Hollywood pulls out the bag.

Ryan Reynolds Uncharted

Gears of War – Dominic Purcell (Marcus Fenix), Dwayne Johnson (Dominic Santiago), Josh Holloway (Damon Baird) and Lester Speight (Augustus “Cole-Train” Cole)

If the Gears of War film is aiming to match the scale set by the games, a powerful cast bursting with different personalities is definitely needed to make GOW a success.

We definitely think Dominic Purcell (Prison Break) has the physical presence and dead-pan badass attitude to fill the shoes of humanity’s last hope, Marcus Fenix. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) could take on the role of Dominic Santiago; Josh Holloway (LOST) as Baird; and who better to play Cole Train than the actual voice actor, uber-buff football talent, and all around nice guy, Lester Speight (Terry Tate: Official Linebacker).

Gears of War deserves an incredible cast, and if Cliff Bleszinski does end up being a producer (which was speculated), we have a safe bet on an awesome movie.

Gears of War 1

Dead Space – Edward Norton (Dr. Issac Clarke)

Who better to play a lonely, yet determined scientist trapped on a space-ship battling mutated life-forms than Edward Norton?

Norton definitely has what it takes to fire up the line-gun as Dr. Issac Clarke, and while he has the nerdy essence to pull of the scientific aspect of the Dead Space protagonist, he also retains enough internal badass and no-holds-barred attitude to take on a legion of necromorphs in zero gravity, not to mention the ability to portray some insanity and dementia (ala Fight Club).

Norton Dead Space

Army of Two – Jared Leto (Elliot Salem) and Michael Chiklis (Tyson Rios)

EA’s infamous mercenaries have enough combined attitude to fill a 10 ton truck. The perfect balance would be needed within the cast to provide the right amount of humor and aggression to the roles of Salem and Rios respectively.

Jared Leto has got the looks, acting ability and edginess to hold down the role of Elliot Salem, while Micheal Chiklis (The Shield/Fantastic 4) could play Tyson Rios and provide a bit of military precision and brute force to the silver screen adoption of Army of Two.

Army of Two actors

Metal Gear Solid – Christian Bale (Solid Snake)

The Metal Gear Solid series is practically a set of movies on their own, with some cut-scenes spanning over an hour and consisting of some of the greatest action-sequences known to man. However, a big screen adaptation of Hideo Kojima’s long running series is inevitable and a solid action-star is needed to play the role the series’ hero, Solid Snake.

Christian Bale has the power and commanding presence, as well as talent to drive a blockbuster action film, with a heavy dash of emotion, right into box office gold. Bale would be ideal for Snake in both his demeanour, as well as his looks. His low-brow grimace and subtle raspy speech would make codec conversations and action-sequences a joy to experience on the big screen.

Christian Bale MGS

We hope Hollywood takes these suggestions into consideration (they probably won’t) when casting for the next big video game movie starts.

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Video game movie casting call

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